Podcast: S1E1 - Deciding When To Die With Rob Rivera of Nonpoint

fitness nutrition podcast Jun 05, 2017

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For nearly 17 years in the radio industry, I have seen extremes in music and in lifestyle. I have actually been a victim of living to my own extremes and they ended up rearing their ugly head one day in October of 2014.

In today's episode, I had the opportunity to sit down with Rob Rivera of Nonpoint and talk about the extremes he faced due to behaviors he practiced on the daily basis.  

Today you'll learn:

  • Rob's love of the band Metallica and courage the band exhibited during the lowest point of their career.
  • The lowest point in Rob's career and what he has to go through to make sure Nonpoint stays in front of people's eyes.
  • The lowest point for him personally and his reaction to being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease.
  • How the foods he ate contributed to his disease.
  • The action steps that Rob took to get beyond his disease and his thought-process to overcoming the challenges of his disease.

**Update: June 16th, 2017**  

I wanted to share a paperback magazine with you that might help you get started with your journey to feeling better. 

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I'm a believer that all it takes is a little bit of literature to really give you the logical appeal to start feeling better overall.  That's why I want to share with you this magazine/guide I stumbled upon when I was checking out of the grocery store. 

As I went through it, I was reminded of all the great benefits you get from exercising.  Exercise paired with diet is proven to make you happier overall.

All it takes is a quick read--maybe a couple of reads--before you move yourself from the couch to the gym.  All it takes are baby steps...that's it. 


Enjoy this first episode!