Podcast: S1E3 - Short Term Pains = Long Term Gains With Ben Anderson

fitness nutrition personal development podcast Jun 05, 2017

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Shan Man opens up about his addiction to substances such as alcohol and how his addictions cost him relationships and problems with his health.

Today he finishes his discussion with Shannon Phillips and why he doesn't drink alcohol due to the gluten in the barley. Shannon Phillips illustrates what sugar does to our bodies and why most of us get that little belly roll around the waist and the complications it creates in our health.

Most of our complications may be a result of having our gut lining becoming depleted and not protecting the toxins that get in our body.  So it has to be established that we have to practice eating healthier every single day of our lives.

In this episode we are introduced to Ben Anderson, the drummer for the band Nothing More. You will learn today:

  • How Ben got the drumming bug after playing another unlikely instrument.
  • What it takes to be a top-shelf performer.
  • Ben's personal values and where he learned his determination to be the best performer.
  • Why you should be a productive member of society and how it plays into not being afraid to try anything to see success.
  • How he treats fans when he's in a meet and greet and what he does to make fans more comfortable.
  • Whether people and musicians should maintain a mystique behind playing in a band.
  • Why practicing anything is all about strengthening your weaknesses--whether it is drumming or committing to a plan to succeed in life.
  • Why your natural talent should never exceed your determination to be successful.

Shan Man will also help inspire you to not feel guilty by helping to you quit 5 things today to be more productive and successful.

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