Podcast: S1E5 - When You're In That Initial Discovery Phase, Different Is Good

networking personal development Jun 19, 2017

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When it comes to achieving your dreams and becoming the experience, Zoltan justifies why you should use the resources you have to create the beginning of your own dream.

You'll also learn that I got a little bit sick in this episode and suffered from a sore throat and ear infection due to working at festival and meeting multiple fans for 98 KUPD's Brufest.

In this episode I will take you down a path of your past and how you were fearless at one point in your life. When we were young, we used to take so many chances without understanding any of the consequences.

Now that we are older, have rent/mortgages, bills, family obligations, we become fearful of losing the things that are valuable. 

We will then talk with one of my favorite people in the world, Gelie Akhenblit of the website, Networking Phoenix.  Gelie has fun for a living as a professional networker and talks with me regarding her upbringing as a Jewish refugee from the former Soviet Union and how being an immigrant has no bearing on her success as a CEO.

But we continue on this theme about "happiness" and what makes Gelie happy.  

Too often we worry about what other people think of us in order to find our ultimate happiness. We worry too much that other people's perception of us is what will make us happy, but we probably face more rejection of the false reality that we have created in our head.

Then we continue to create a false reality for ourselves based on all of the distractions that are around us. We see a false reality in having an abundance of money without putting the work into the effort; we see a false reality based on someone else's physical well-being; we see a false reality based around other people's relationships.

We should be focusing on ourselves to create our own positive reality--and through that work we will see flourishing relationships and abundance that we have never seen before.  I can't explain it, but it happens.

"When you're in that initial discovery phase, different is good."

-Gelie Akhenblit 

As a side note, if you are someone in the Phoenix, Arizona area and you are looking to meet new people that may lead to expanding your network, you can learn more about Gelie and her company at the following links:

Networking Phoenix

Gelie's Blog

Lastly, I mention in today's episode that Gelie did a TEDx talk that is fascinating.  You can find that here.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this episode.  Also, let me know how you are working toward getting out of your own circle of friends to expand on leveling up your life with others.