Podcast: S1E6 - Everything In Your Life Is Just A Decision With Phil Labonte

meditation mental health nutrition personal development Jun 26, 2017

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"Everything in your life is just a decision." -Phil Labonte, All That Remains

We hear so much about the "experience" outside of this podcast.  

You walk into a Starbucks, you hear the acoustic music on the overhead speakers, the murmur of voices in the distance echo in your head and the smell of roasted coffee permeates every sense. 

You walk up to the counter and the barista asks you, "What can I get started for you?"

It's never "How can I help you?" or "What can I do for you?"

It's always, "What can I get started for you?"

Starbucks and many companies these days pride themselves on leaving an experience.  Starbucks isn't so much about the coffee as it is about the experience.  

The same would go for companies like Uber.  Uber isn't about getting a ride from someone because you used their app. It's about the time you're saving from having to call a cab and how every transaction is made through the app specifically. 

Experiencing an Uber ride is more about a seamless trip from Point A to Point B without having to worry about whether you have cash, need to whip out your credit card or worry about making change for a tip.

Uber saves you time.

In today's episode, Gelie and I talk about the importance of the "experience" whether you're a business or a person.  You'll hear me bring up an example that I had heard from Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters and how people would rather see a band that is great and gives a killer experience as opposed to a mediocre band.


On the front end of this website, I have a section called the "Three Convictions".

I came up with the Three Convictions late one night when I conceived this podcast. It was based around the journey that I had been through when it came to finding my own happiness. 

As I stood at my dining room bar top, I drafted out nearly 12 pages of my own personal convictions that helped me get beyond doubt and guilt.  The Three Convictions are everything that I had go through and continue to practice in order to be who I am today. 

In this episode, I ask Gelie what her about 3 words that mean something to her, but ask her about the 3 convictions she lives by. Her answers are close to the same, but she elaborates more on what she means. 

Oh, and you get to learn Gelie's favorite "F" word! 


Because I talk about Gelie's core beliefs, it was only fitting that I ask front man Phil Labonte (All That Remains) about his own core beliefs and ideals.

I had a ton of fun with this interview as I was able to have a discussion of ideas instead of the same boring interview with a musician. 

I have always been fascinated with the inner workings of musical artists and actors.  My fascination is all based around how far they have come when it came to success and what it took to reach their level of success. So you'll learn that I try to ask Phil questions about him and his beliefs.


In the beginning of this interview, you will hear why Phil doesn't try to convince people to do something he wants them to do.  This can go for people who want to get healthy all the way to relationships. I happen to agree with Phil because if you are honest about developing yourself to become the best possible variant, who you are is what you can offer.

Who you are now is what you can offer and it's possible to offer so much more of yourself if you're willing to work at it. 


I'm big on daily routines and developing new habits that will make you proud to know you're living your life without regret. 

Today I dive into Phil's daily routines, which are more simple than you think.  You'll also learn all about a discovery Phil has made and what it does for his sanity.


I want to share with you the Masterclass video that I mentioned with Gelie.

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I hope you enjoy today's episode and learn something a little new for yourself.

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