Podcast: S1E7 - Focusing On The Business Of Your Life With Jason Richardson

personal development self-help Jul 03, 2017

"What I do with clients is help them build a belief." - Dr. Jason Richardson

From a very young age, Jason Richardson had a belief that he could be the best in the world when it came to riding a bicycle. For most of his adolescence he raced BMX tracks to eventually start winning top spots to compete against some of the best.

After he cut his teeth on the race track, he found himself competing in some of the biggest worldwide tournaments around the world where the standard to win was to beat the best. In Jason's mind, he knew that if he wanted to be the best he had to think just like the best.  That meant practicing harder and shifting his mindset from thinking he could just "place" in tournaments to actually going for the gold. 

As he got older, he found that real life was actually starting and the business of bike racing was starting to slowly fade away.  Soon, Jason found himself at a crossroads of what he wanted to do with his life when the endorsements stopped coming through the door. 

After facing this crossroads, he decided that he would use the same mindset that he used on the BMX track and apply it to his life--he wanted to win at the game of life.  But he also knew that he wanted to be involved in the "business" of his own life just as much as he did when he was bike racing.

But in order to succeed at life, Jason needed to master a few things along the way.

In this episode, you will learn all about:

  • Your own standards and decide whether they are are set too high or too low.
  • Define what a belief system actually is and whether or not it is keeping you from advancing in your own life.
  • What the stories we tell ourselves do to our thought process, neurologically. 
  • How Jason "burrows" in on the language that we use that determines our outcome. 

In this episode, we also finish our conversation with Phil Labonte and tackle the topic of LOVE.  You will learn what "love" means to Phil and how he views love personally and from a distance.

As we started talking about "love", Phil touched on the topic of commitment and what it should mean in a marriage or relationship.  He will use examples from his own personal relationships and previous marriage.

One of my favorite quotes from this portion of the podcast he says, "Sometimes it doesn't get fixed the way you wanted it to get fixed.  Sometimes 'fixed' doesn't look like what you think 'fixed' looks like."

You also learn where Phil gets the inspiration for his song, "Back To You" off their album, Madness.  

I hope you enjoy this episode as we do a deep dive into your own head.