Podcast: S1E8 - The Experience Is Connected To Everything With Kyle Winterstein

personal development Jul 11, 2017

The journey to becoming the experience will present you with a number of opportunities to be in front of a mass of people.  Whether you are doing it in person or online, giving that unique experience is harder than ever for someone to remember. 

In a world where social media dominates our lives, it's harder than ever to make a memorable experience.  But Kyle Winterstein believes that those who have a "romance" with an artist will make it a point to hunt out an experience for themselves.

But as you'll hear in this episode, it seems as though most artists these days are only making the experience about themselves and not thinking of the fan that is sitting in front of them---supporting their art fully.

Kyle points out that most musicians are just in it to get the job done without creating something that is memorable. He believes that most actions that happen in daily life affect the overall experience--whether it's customer service or creating art.  The experience thrives all around us, no matter the job.

In this episode, I continue my conversation with Dr. Jason Richardson.  This time we dive even further into language and how the words we choose are affecting the outcome of our reality.

Jason points out that, psychologically, the words and phrases that we use can harm us in the long run and that choosing the right words can lead us down a path of success if we allow it.

And if you or someone you know is OCD, you might find that you are doing more harm to yourself than good. But as Jason has said, "None of this stuff exists in a vacuum."

Enjoy the episode.