Podcast: S1E9 - Delusions Ruin All Dreams With Jimmie Whisman of Crime in Sports

personal development Jul 24, 2017

Where does your motivation come from?

Does it come from reading about someone else'e journey? 

Does it come from self-confidence?

Motivation is the key component to accomplishing your goals step by step. You may find that you are motivated for a few days, but as our mind will have it, you're going to be fed with that negative self-talk and soon you might find that you have a self-image problem.

You might say to yourself that you aren't capable of recording that YouTube series or that you can't create your own business.  Soon, low self-image puts you back in the same rut that you were in a few days prior.  

Soon you will find that you're making up all the excuses to not accomplish your goal because your self-image has you convinced that you can't do anything.

So what do you do to stay motivated?

You have to build self-confidence a little bit every single day.  This means working on yourself every day whether it's through exercise, diet and nutrition, reading, learning a new skill, etc.  To accomplish your goals it takes a patience and willingness to be good at what your skill.

In this episode you will learn that when you build self-confidence, you are creating the reality you want to see for yourself and no one else.

Today I finish my conversation with Kyle Winterstein and we dive into the following topics:

  • Defining his own three convictions and what they mean to him.
  • Why people find excuses to not stay motivated.
  • The over-arching idea of what you should truly pursue.
  • Why you shouldn't sweat the small stuff.

I then continue a conversation with my new friend, Jimmie Whisman. 

Jimmie is a Phoenix-area comedian who has a podcast called Crime in Sports.  As of this recording, his podcast crested nearly 1 million downloads.  But this didn't come easy.  

It actually came with patience and faith.

Jimmie's partner, James, was ready to quit the podcast after the 3rd week of production after only a few downloads.  But Jimmie's went to lengths to talk his partner off the ledge.

Today we learn about Jimmie's upbringing and what made him want to do comedy as well as the struggles he has had to face when it comes to separating his personal life with his comedic/podcast life.

Most importantly, Jimmie shares some motivating words for anyone who is about ready to quit or hasn't committed to the idea of becoming great.

How To Get Over The Perpetual Bad Day

A perpetual bad day could mean that something bad happens to you day after day.  You don't really see a result that is positive because someone has pissed you off; you blame the electric company for contributing to your stress by notifying you that your payment is late; rush hour traffic tends to irritate you and you blame the other horrible drivers on the road for not following the unwritten traffic rules.

In all, you come across stressed, angry and feeling as though you fall short in life because you just can't get out of your depressive rut. At the end of today's episode, I will give you my 7 tips on how to get out of your perpetual bad day. 

Reach out to me and tell me how you work to get out of your perpetual bad day. 

Lastly, I mention there is a video where Chester Bennington fought his demons when it came to depression.  Here is that video and it's quite telling about the struggles he had gone through:

I hope you enjoy today's episode.