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S1E10 - Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds. It's What You Do With That Time

personal development Aug 01, 2017

As I continue my conversation with Jimmie Whisman, we begin to discuss the topic of passion and why you should always work hard for the thing you love doing.  Especially when it comes to the point where you are finding yourself struggling to move on your passion.

With Jimmie, he works a full-time job in the day, comes home at night and tries to be the best possible father that he can be.  On top of it, he's traveling 45 minutes away from his house to a studio across town to record a 2-3 hour podcast with his best friend.

Jimmie wants to ensure that anyone who has a dream or passion that they shouldn't give up on it no matter how hard it gets.  He considers "quitting" as doing something "drastic" and you should never do something that you would end up regretting down the line.

Sure, things might get in the way of your passion like a death or emergency, but Jimmie's advice is to never give up what you love so much.

I ask Jimmie a specific question that makes him question his answer a few minutes prior to when I asked my question.  It was something that Phil Labonte brought up a few weeks back when he said "It's OK to have a bad year..."  You'll hear a possible change of heart when it comes to Jimmie's philosophy on his success and how it plays into his relationship with his wife.

I then talk with Amy Morin, who is a LCSW, licensed clinical social worker.  One would think that Amy counsels individuals who are struggling socially and economically.  In short, she has counseled individuals who have gone through something traumatic and, sometimes, heart-wrenching such as loss or death.

Even though Amy counsels and can tell anyone to "be strong", when she says this, she actually means it.

You see, Amy has faced loss on her own.  Watch this 15-minute TEDx talk she did where she talks about the loss she has faced, but what she did to overcome that loss and how to be mentally strong.

Amy is also very active on Twitter if you wish to reach out to her:

 I hope that you enjoy today's episode.


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