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S1E11 - Is This Going To Be a Life Or Death Situation With Stephanie Pietz

Continuing with my interview last week with Amy Morin, we dive a little further into Emotional Intelligence.  As you may have heard me define it last week, Amy clarifies that Emotional Intelligence can be defined a couple of different ways. 

In essence, EQ is understanding the reasons you feel certain emotions and how you can become more self-aware of those emotions so they don't control your life.  Amy and I talk about the emotion, "anger", and define when it's good to get angry and when it is helpful.

Controlling The Stories We Tell Ourselves

We tell ourselves stories everyday that don't really exist.  Those stories can dictate the outcome of our day and if we don't have a handle on our emotions, then we can tell even deeper stories that lead us into emotions that can make us angry or sad.  Amy breaks down why we should control our feelings and why it's a good thing to be self-aware.

Identifying Grief Outside Of Death

Grief doesn't have to be something that you deal with when it come to death--we all know this.  We can grieve for the loss of a friendship, or the lies someone has told us. But grieving is a total normal thing and there are steps you can take to make the grieving process a little easier when you experience it on a personal level outside of death.

Never Making Excuses

The reason I combined Amy's interview with Stephanie's is because I wanted to preface the concept of Emotional Intelligence with an actual situation where there has been a process of grieving.  Even though you won't hear about that process in this episode, I still wanted to share the story of Stephanie Pietz.

I have known Stephanie for over 4 years.  She has been my friend since my days of hanging out in the bar scene but has since become someone I admire when it comes to her determination to make her life happen for herself.

Stephanie is no stranger to hard work and dedication.  I have seen Steph bartend a night in Scottsdale only to turn around and work another bartending shift the next day with only 4 hours of sleep.  Stephanie is determined to make her life happen for herself and make her dreams happen without making any excuses as to why she can't do what she wants.

From Calendar Model to Bike Racing

 Even though Steph has modeled for a number of calendars and companies, she doesn't use her looks to advance her passion of racing motorcycles.  If you know Steph, she actually can race a motorbike proficiently and practices as much as she can.  She makes it a point to learn the ins and outs of a motorcycle to know when something needs to be refined.

How To Create A Life For Yourself

In today's episode you learn what Steph does to create opportunities for herself when it comes to racing and making her life the best one that it can be.  She also reinforces a theme that I have talked about in this podcast about the words we tell ourselves and how it impacts our future success.

I hope you enjoy today's episode.




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