S1E12 - You Are Destined For Something Greater With Stephanie Pietz

"You are destined for something greater.  That's a part of you I love so much." 

Those are the words Stephanie's boyfriend, Michael Stravers, had written to her in a letter near Thanksgiving of 2016.  The letter outlined how much he loved Stephanie for who she is and why he wanted to be with her.  

As you will hear in this season finale, Stephanie recounts the first time she ever met Michael and how their friendship turned into a storybook relationship.  Every part of this interview is like listening to the scenes of a romantic film.

You'll hear Stephanie recount the moment she fell in love with Michael and the moment she heard news of Michael that would rock her world forever.

The second half of this story is a great reminder for anyone that we all can get knocked down so hard that it seems impossible for us to get up.  Just as you'll hear in the beginning, I have been faced with my own recent loss--emotional and physical frustrations.  

This episode is the season finale and won't return until January 2018.

This doesn't mean I'm done, though. I am currently producing those episodes for 2018 in the coming weeks.

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