Productivity Tools For Podcasters:The Rocketbook Fusion

Today I want to explore productivity tools for podcasters--in particular the Rocketbook Fusion. Not all tools come in the form of tech and equipment. Sometimes they come in the form of different tools like notebooks that will help you with the podcast creation process. Maybe you are trying to figure out a set of questions that you want to ask your guest on your upcoming podcast or maybe you're writing out a script by hand to help with that creative process.

Today's blog post is really going to explore why the Rocketbook is something that you should have as a podcaster and how it can help you organize your thoughts and ideas without losing them altogether.

What is the Rocketbook Fusion?

I stumbled upon the Rocketbook back in December of 2019 when my sister gifted me a Rocketbook Everlast. When I opened up the packaging, I looked at it, flipped through the 30 pages that it had and I ungraciously asked my sister, "Why would you give me a notebook?"

She responded, "This just isn't any...

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