Should I Put My Podcast On Spotify?

podcasting spotify Aug 15, 2019

 Today we're talking all about whether or not you should have your podcast inside of Spotify.

When I put my podcast up for the first time--whether I got my hosting service through Libsyn, Spreaker or Blubrry, Anchor (yes, I said Anchor--even though that a platform that I don't recommend that you use)--you can get your podcasts listed inside of Spotify.

There was some recent news that had come out and it's actually some recent news that came out a while back.  As of this blog post we are talking about a Spotify now positioning themselves as a syndication platform officially.

You can now submit your RSS feed into their platform's website.

So this means that Spotify is just like Apple Podcasts. It's also like submitting an RSS feed to Google podcasts, Stitcher, and all the other syndication platforms.

The only difference with Spotify compared to the other platforms is that Spotify is now stepping up their game in terms of the analytics. And now I want to go over some of the...

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9 Podcasting Hacks for New Podcasters

Podcasting can be an incredibly fun and rewarding activity if you aren’t completely lost when you start the process.  Whether you’ve you’ve started a podcast or have dipped your toes into the podcast waters--but haven’t gone “all-in” on this journey--I want to share some of my top tips that can help you create a better podcast.

As a 19-year radio personality, I dove into podcasting nearly 10 years ago as a consumer--a highly-critical ONE who had an edge on most podcasters that were in the audio market.   

Radio awarded me the experience to create similar types of programs from a technical aspect without having to use a professional recording studio that costed thousands of dollars.  But it wasn’t the equipment that made me better. It was the delivery and presentation that I have been able to hone over the course of the years. This has given me a better edge in a market that is still new to a lot of people.   


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When Should Podcasters Get Paid For Sponsorships?

Everyone hears about sponsorships for podcasts but no one is really talking about the actual process of sponsorships.  The reason for this is because most podcasters just want to create a program, but don't know anything about selling.

This is understandable.

You hear a lot from podcasters how they reached out to sponsors and then BOOM: Squarespace or Blue Apron is on the pre-roll for a podcast.  

But I don't want you thinking that Squarespace and Blue Apron are your only options when it comes to getting advertisers on your podcast.

Podcasters need to become more creative when it comes to getting potential advertisers.  This means the opportunities are boundless as you let your creativity set in. 

This also means that you don't have to go after big advertisers. 

Here are a couple of examples of the types of advertisers you can get for your podcast if you're willing to go out and get those people to be on your podcast.  As a word of caution, not all...

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Shorter Podcasts vs. Longer Podcasts

podcast length podcasting Jul 16, 2018

When it comes to gaining the attention of a listener's ear, traditional radio isn't the only one fighting for that attention. 

These days everyone is fighting for consumer attention. Whether it's watching Netflix vs. going to the theater, Pandora vs. radio or reading online news vs. reading physical newspapers, the fight for attention is tough these days and is nothing like the 90s or 2000s. 

As a podcaster, you're now in the fight for "share of ear" based on these variables:

1) The sound quality and content quality of your podcast: How does your podcast's quality match up against your competitor's?

2) The professionalism of your podcast: Do you know what type of audience you are catering to?

Professionalism doesn't mean the omission of curse words.

Comedians who look for "professionalism" are looking for someone who can tell a joke and get a laugh--and this might include a barrage of profanities. 

Marketers may omit curse words but provide value...

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How Perfect Does My Podcast Sound Need To Be?

Since I've taken a keen interest in helping podcasters, I have made it my mission to help novice to intermediate podcasters share their message effectively to their potential new audience. This means surveying podcasters like you and learning what they find most important.

I have asked podcasters, like you, about audio sound quality and how important it is to them.  What I have learned is that 70% of podcasters who have taken my survey say that top-notch audio quality is important.  

And, in the last few days I've received a handful of emails from new podcasters telling me they want their podcast to sound like it came out of a radio studio.  

So what does this mean to you and me?

Sound quality is high on the list for podcasters.  But I want to share with you the shades of sound quality and what they will mean to you as a podcast producer.


When you hear the term "editing" for podcasting, I hear a...

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How Do I Move My Podcast Off Anchor.FM To A Legit Hosting Service Without Losing iTunes Subscribers?

This week was pretty traumatic for podcasters who were/are using Anchor.FM for their podcast hosting solution.  It was also a blow to podcasters who were considering the free service as a podcasting solution. 

If you missed the video I did, it discusses all about Anchor.FM's Terms of Service and whether you should be using it.

 Since making this video, a lot has been updated in the subsequent days and more questions have popped up about using the service.  Please make sure you're checking the pinned comment that I've placed on the video to help you understand what you're getting yourself into.


Whether you're on Anchor.FM or not, this next part is really going to help you out...

I received comments and emails from podcasters who have been publishing their audio to Anchor.FM and are now looking to switch over to paid hosting.  However, they aren't sure how to make that...

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Figuring Out Topics For Your Podcast With Addie Saucedo

interviews podcasting Nov 09, 2017

Addie Saucedo is a podcaster who focuses on helping fellow podcasters develop their program from a number of perspectives.  Whether it's coming up with content for a show or developing an interview, Addie has dedicated her time to coming up with the ultimate tool that will get you from point A to point B in her workbook, The Podcast Planner.

Back in August of 2017, I met Addie at the annual podcast conference, Podcast Movement, and she showed me a workbook she had released to help other podcasters.  When I thumbed through the workbook, it covered everything from how to develop ideas to which type of equipment you could get to start your podcast.

Not only that, but this workbook took the podcaster down the journey of developing engaging content for their own program and has the podcaster engage in written exercises that will take their podcast to the next level.

In today's interview, Addie discusses how The Podcast Planner will help you:

  • Develop more content ideas.
  • Market...
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