Does My Podcast Need A Hard Launch Date?

Today we are talking about whether or not you need to set a hard launch date for your podcast.

Every now and again I am approached by a podcaster who say they are frustrated by the approval process to syndication platforms. When I ask why, it's usually because the podcaster has set a hard launch date for their podcast to launch and want to jump into the marketplace with a big splash.

Today I want to break down the meaning of a hard launch and a soft launch with hopes that I can alleviate the pressures you may face when you launch a podcast (or even specific episodes).


If you haven't figured it out yet, but you need to define the goal for your podcast. You hear me talk about this all the time and I'm going to continue to talk about it, but you have to define the goal of your podcast. In other words, what is the objective of your podcast? Is it to entertain or is it to educate?

If it's meant to entertain, what is the underlying objective or the goal...

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