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Upgrade With Adobe Illustrator For Podcasters 


Since you have the Adobe Creative Cloud, you will have access to Adobe Audition along with Adobe Illustrator.

In this training, you will learn:

🍎 Step-by-step basics of Adobe Illustrator and how to set up your new piece of podcast artwork. 

🍎 Secret designer tools to help you match the right colors for your branding.

🍎 How to create multiple versions of an artwork design so you can see the side-by-side differences of  your design. 

🍎  Where to get the best fonts for your piece of artwork. 

🍎  How to create templates for pieces of artwork that will save you time when it's time to create promotional content.

🍎 [BONUS]How to use your smartphone to capture objects within your own home or office that can become promotional pieces of artwork for your podcast.

🍎 ...And MUCH more.

This program was created with the podcaster in mind. 

Not only have Shannon's design methods helped him create artwork for his podcasts and YouTube channel, but these skills easily translated into helping him create his own website at He's confident these trainings will help you create better artwork for your podcast, promotional material, website and anything that needs a "designer touch". 


10 easy-to-watch training videos

10 BONUS training videos on smartphone photography 

15-Day Money Back Guarantee


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Design A Podcast Training


  • 14 Week Online Training
  • 3 Modules, 37 Lessons, 9 Bonus lessons
  • Includes BONUS training, Strategies For  Podcast Growth

Additionally you will learn:

  • Skills to become more confident in your presentation delivery.
  • How to create the "professional" broadcast/podcast sound.
  • STEP-BY-STEP, Time-Saving editing techniques.
  • Professional editing workflows to set you up for sponsored programming. 
  • Audio downloads for on-the-go learning.

15-Day Money Back Guarantee 

What People Are Saying:

Shannon's Design A Podcast training was exactly what I needed to cut through the overwhelm of how-to's and decisions. The modules were clear and easy to follow, and I loved that he not only teaches about the technical aspects, but marketing as well. As a total beginner, I was able to learn how to record, edit, and mix my own audio in just a couple of hours. It was time spent that will pay off in spades. Thank you, Shannon!

Cara Chace

Shannon was pivotal in the launch of my podcast, The Manly Pinterest Tips Show. His radio knowledge came in handy when it came to how I presented and structured my show.

Jeff Sieh

Shannon is a smart, savvy radio entertainer who dominates the nighttime airwaves on Hubbard’s KUPD in Phoenix. Over the years, he’s interfaced with thousands of listeners – on the phones, on the streets, and online – providing him with the opportunity to develop his technical, social, and digital marketing skills.

Fred Jacobs

Not only can Shannon post a picture of a cloud on Facebook and get 100 instant likes, do a Facebook Live video and get 1k comments, but his enlightening presentations at Podcast San Diego and Podcast Movement have given podcasters an option to find more direction within their own program.

Jared Easley