Work With Shannon

People LOVE to Pick My Brain

And while I'd love to sit down all day long and share answers on social media and digital marketing, it just isn't a realistic thing.  

My schedule packs up pretty fast or is occupied with content development for clients and myself.  You must understand that my current position as a radio personality requires me to get out, network and also come up with ideas to increase my own engagement.  

When people ask to meet to "pick my brain", they are looking to get some form of free advice.  Every now and again I get people who say, "Let's hang out and I wanna hear how you got involved in radio and how you know how to do all this social media stuff."  It's completely flattering, but on my schedule, not a realistic thing. 

It's not that I don't want to give my knowledge out, but having me schedule a meeting, pick up and drive somewhere is a considerable time suck out of my day that already has a set schedule that accomodates my current healthy lifestyle.  Whether I'm helping you with advice on product development, social media marketing, audio editing, video production or recommending you to some of my own connections, I have no problem helping with that.  However, if you're serious about meeting up with me, it's important you are committed to meeting up and asking the right questions.  

Often times I get scheduled out in the week and I understand that people are unable to make the meeting, but a meeting/cancelation is equally valuable to me as I adjust accordingly to what I have currently scheduled.

So now that you get an idea of of where I'm coming from and you still want to meet up, let's schedule something out.  Below are the types of meetings you can schedule with me and the price.

I look forward to hanging with you and answering your questions!


Casual Coffee Meetup

This is a perfect way to get to know me and ask as many questions as possible that will help you succeed in digital media creation. At the end of the day, I'm all about helping people who struggle with social media and digitial content.  My life's work is all about helping people capitalize and maximize the tools that are in front of them.  I work to pull out the potential in people and if this happens in a coffee meetup, then I've done my job. Also, I can catch onto BS really quick and have run the gamut of every game and scheme in the radio and marketing industry.  If you want an honest opinion, I won't mince words with what I think you could be doing with your content.  

60 minutes - $99

Digital Marketing Strategy

This is usually an in-depth meeting.  It can go anywhere between 2-4 hours depending on the A meeting like this, is a lot more in-depth. It usually lasts 2 - 4 hours, depending on the scope and breadth of your idea or project.

I will sit down with you, discover your goals and lay out a step-by-step plan and the appropriate action steps to see you through the success of your project.  I place in front of you the products, services and people that you will need to succeed.  You also have five, 30-minute calls with me that you can use at your discretion within a 30 day time period.  



30-min phone call

A miniature version of the "Coffee Meetup," this is a 30 min phone call to basically see how I can help you.

30 minutes - $49

Free 15-min consultation

If you are considering on working with me and would like to see if I can help you, I'll be more than happy to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.