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Sponsorship Pros and Cons, Structuring Your Patreon and What Podcasters Should Do When They Reach Milestones With Jimmie Whisman [Part 2]

Last week's episode was left on a bit of a cliffhanger when I started asking Jimmie Whisman about sponsorship pros and cons.  

This week, Jimmie shares insight into the pros and cons of podcast sponsorships and what podcasters need to be aware of.  This conversation is a nice setup to the following topics that we discuss:

  • When you should start a Patreon account.
  • What Patreon tier structuring looks like along with the bonus content.
  • Whether cross-pollinating your podcast is as effective as you hear it be.
  • How live podcast opportunities present themselves and what to expect from a live audience.
  • Jimmie's take on sound quality.
  • What podcasters should do when they reach milestones in their podcast.

I hope you are able to learn something from Jimmie's experience from creating a successful podcast.

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This week's topic: "What To Prepare Before Filing Your Taxes For Your Podcast Business."

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