Getting More Podcast Listeners - The Different Types Of Podcast Marketing

Getting more podcast listeners is a HUGE topic for most podcasters. Am I right?

But when it comes to getting more podcast listeners, what is the right way to market those podcasts? 

In today's episode, I want to examine the different types of podcast marketing and help you identify which ones will work best for you.

Today's podcast was inspired after I attended a recent Clubhouse room filled with podcast creators who seemed to be caught up in the the throes of knowing which would be the best way to market their podcast to get more listeners. 

Here's a summary of what you're going to learn in today's episode:

  • UPDATED APPLE PODCASTS NEWS - A change to the "Subscribe" button and how it will impact podcast content creators.
  • How social platforms are also pivoting the language of how people can "subscribe" or "follow" their favorite content creator and its direct relation to benefit the content creator.  
  • Google Podcasts is making an update to their app to help podcasters get better recommendations. This impacts the podcast content creator and I talk about what you should do about this change.
  • The identification of the 4 types of podcast marketing:
    • Organic Search Engine Optimization
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Podcast-To-Podcast Marketing
    • Paid Marketing on social media and podcast platforms such as Spotify--what do you need to know?
  • Brand new live streaming app that allows you to distribute your live stream to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, LinkedIn Live and Periscope while allowing viewers to "call in" and take live audio/video calls. 

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