Sponsorship Strategies From Radio That Can Help Podcasters Who Want To Monetize featuring Steve Moynihan

Sponsorship strategies from radio--that can ultimately help podcasters who want to monetize--can help when it comes to approaching a potential new sponsor. 

Today I speak with Account Executive for Hubbard Broadcasting-Phoenix, Steve Moynihan.  Steve has extensive experience in radio industry sales since the early 2000s and also a digital media consultant.  His wisdom and experience in traditional media is like hitting the jackpot for podcasters who need answers to the countless questions about sponsorships.

There is no doubt that you will get an inside look to how radio stations acquire business for the company, but how these strategies can apply to podcasters who are constantly on the hunt to  monetize their program.  Today's episode will hopefully give you some ideas of how you can monetize your podcast.

Here's a brief breakdown of today's interview:

  • What a "sponsorship" means in radio.
  • The easiest way to get a sponsorship fr your podcast.
  • Where sponsorships can be integrated for your program.
  • Which metrics radio focus on for sponsorships and which metrics matter for podcasters.
  • Steve's process for creating a proposal for a potential new sponsor.
  • Why making mistakes in sponsorship deals are super valuable.

As I mentioned in today's episode, you can connect with him via LinkedIn if you have questions about sponsorships:
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