Becoming The Trailblazer of Your Podcast Niche Like The Creators of Writer and Geek (Part 1)

Becoming the trailblazer of your podcasting niche can seem impossible when there are so many other podcasters who are creating content like yours.  It can feel discouraging to hear podcasts that share valuable information whilst creating an audio production that sounds top-not. 

But this wasn't the case for the creators of the Writer and Geek podcast.  

Self-proclaimed "geeks", Vishnu and Shankar Padmanabhan, had their sights set on creating content only they thought they loved.  Little did they know, the content they would produce would resonate with a global audience and become one of the trailblazing podcasts in India. 

In today's episode, I wanted to learn more about those "first days" of the Writer and Geek podcast and uncover the genesis of the idea. We will break down:

  • The podcasting tools they use to create a documentary-style podcast
  • Why investing in your equipment pays off in the long run for your program.
  • What they have gained by focusing on their content and what it has done for acquired skills they never learned they would gain.
  • How to tell a story and maintain credibility.
  • How they gain ideas and inspiration to create thoughtful content.
  • How being an "introvert" allowed them to gain much more beyond their podcast.
  • The emergence of their podcast paired with a few other native podcasts led to the explosion of interest in podcasting for India.

Enjoy today's episode!

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