Amanda Valentine Reveals How She Creates Podcast Content That Resonates, Why You Should Publish Bad Episodes, and How She Monetized Her Podcast

Amanda Valentine is a former Cincinnati radio show host-turned-podcaster.  Her podcast, Pound This, is a health and nutrition podcast that seeks to inform and inspire those who are finding exercise and nutrition a challenge.

While Amanda is accomplished as a radio show host, never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that her podcast would have the positive impact it has had with her listeners--which had given a return on the investment in time and money.

In today's podcast, I sit down with Amanda as we discuss:

  • How and why she started her podcast.
  • The pros and cons of releasing a podcast once a week or 5 days a week.
  • Uncovering the one thing that is holding you and your podcast back from being successful.
  • Lessons from radio that translate to podcasting.
  • Whether or not you should create an unintentionally bad episode and release it.
  • Thoughts on audiograms and whether or not they give your podcast the boost it needs. 
  • Why your podcast is entrepreneurship.

Enjoy the episode today. I hope it inspires you to build upon what you are creating or opens up doors that you thought were always going to be closed. 

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