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Adobe Illustrator For Podcasters

Launching a podcast is more than just recording audio and editing it.  When you create a podcast, you have to think about how the graphics are going to attract your new listeners whether they com across your podcast artwork in Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

But graphics go even deeper when it comes to podcasting.  

Graphics are all about promoting your podcast so people that see an attractive image that will make the want to check out your podcast.

Adobe Illustrator for Podcasters was created to help podcasters not feel limited by online softwares that limit your ability to create eye-catching artwork in less time. But this training was also created so podcasters could have creative flexibility without feeling limited or afraid to hop into the software without feeling overwhelmed.

In this training, you will learn:

🍎 Step-by-step basics of Adobe Illustrator and how to set up your new piece of podcast artwork. 

🍎 Secret designer tools to help you match the right colors for your branding.

🍎 How to create multiple versions of an artwork design so you can see the side-by-side differences of  your design. 

🍎  Where to get the best fonts for your piece of artwork. 

🍎  How to create templates for pieces of artwork that will save you time when it's time to create promotional content.

🍎 [BONUS]How to use your smartphone to capture objects within your own home or office that can become promotional pieces of artwork for your podcast.

🍎 ...And MUCH more.

Shannon created Adobe Illustrator For Podcasters because he was tired of using online softwares that had limited functionality that kept forcing you to buy additional pieces that already existed in Adobe Illustrator.

When Shannon realized that Adobe Illustrator came with his Adobe Creative Cloud membership, he made it a point to learn the platform to help podcasters create captivating images that would make an impact and drive listeners to his podcasts or YouTube channel. 

Not only have his methods helped him create artwork for his podcasts and YouTube channel, but these skills easily translated into helping him create his own website at He's confident these trainings will help you create better artwork for your podcast, promotional material, website and anything that needs a "designer touch". 


10 easy-to-watch training videos

10 BONUS training videos on smartphone photography 

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