The Smartphone Photo School

The Smartphone Photo School was developed out of the desire to create dynamic and custom photos to share on Instagram, Facebook, for podcast cover art, online advertising campaigns, or just for funsies. 

If you have an iPhone or Android device, then you have the ability to take high-quality photos with your phone and turn them into works of art that you never thought were possible. 

In this training, I will walk you through the steps to editing a photo that's more than just slapping an Instagram filter and calling it a day. 

You will learn how you how to create photos that have that cool blurry background look (also known as "depth of field") with only your phone. 

I'll also show you how to create unique black and white photos that add depth through selective color definition.

You're already taking great photos with your phone, so let's step it up and show you how to take incredible photos in just about an hour.