Adobe Illustrator For Podcasters

Adobe Illustrator For Podcasters was designed to assist the podcast creator in their quest to develop better cover art for their program.  However, learning how to create better cover are is not what this program is intended to do.

This training is intended for the podcast creator that has never touched a vector graphics program.  You will be walked through the basics of vector graphics and acquire the skills to not only make cover art, but captivating art to share on social media.  

Your artwork will stand out from the rest and be regarded as unique most standards.

After you take this training course, your skills can apply to many more applications that will include video, print, merchandising and more.

This training includes the bonus training, The Smartphone Photo School.  

Learn how to maximize your phone's camera functions beyond the normal "point-and-shoot" function.  You will be taught to take everyday photos that you take from your phone and turn them into attractive pieces of photography.

Combine the skills you will learn with Adobe Illustrator for Podcasters with The Smartphone Photo School to create custom pieces of artwork without having to spend money on stock photo art or risk using a photo that has been copyrighted.

Adobe Illustrator for Podcasters will help you grow into a dynamic podcaster and content creator that will get noticed online.