How Do You Create A Podcast In A Niche or Topic Area Where There Are No Other Examples?

podcaster advice Jun 03, 2020

In today’s blog post I want to answer a viewer question that came through my email recently.  The question was, “How do you start a podcast in a niche or topic area that doesn’t have very many examples?”

Inside the email, this viewer said that she has  been actively involved with poverty solutions and homelessness. It's a topic that she can really lose herself in, and that she would love to create a career around it--especially because she grew up in poverty. I

It's a topic that's obviously very passionate for her. 

This viewer says that she's finding it hard because she can't find any other podcasters or YouTubers that cover this area of expertise. The closest thing she has found is just one individual podcast that was featured on the Freakonomics podcast. The podcast wasn’t an entire show dedicated to the idea. Instead the idea was just one episode. 

She continues by saying that she wants to break the mold and it's a great...

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