Your Biggest Podcasting Challenges With Vincent Orleck

podcast development podcast equipment podcast interviews podcasting tools Sep 27, 2017

Today, I interview a branding professional, a social media professional and a podcaster. His name is Vincent Orleck. He’s from the podcast, More Than Hashtags and the reason that I’m bringing Vince on this video is because I wanted to have someone talk about the challenges for a beginning podcaster. People who come into my e-mail subscribe list, they are either beginners or they’re looking to step up their game in podcasting.

Not only am I sharing all these tips out on my YouTube channel but I feel as though it’s important to have professionals--I guess you could say hobbyists like Vincent--come on my video and talk about podcasting for those who are looking to jump into the game or to expand their podcast game.

Today, I want to talk about those challenges for beginners, what challenges will a beginner face when it comes down to starting their own podcast or dealing with their current process of their podcast but they’re just a little bit lost on where to go next.

Vince has a few tips for you that you can take with you in today’s video.  He also talks about some advice for seasoned podcasters when it comes down to the marketing.

Since Vincent is a marketing professional, he knows a little bit about what you need to do to get your podcast out in the marketplace--because you won’t immediately have an audience when you first start your podcast.

Vince will touch on the topics of marketing, the value of social media and the value of things like Twitter chats.  He will also talk about whether or not transcriptions are good for your podcast. Will transcripts actually save you time? 

We’ll also talk about managing and creating content and actually feeding the beast of podcasting because podcasting can become a burden every week when you're looking to create brand new content that can be consumed rapidly.

I hope you enjoy today’s video.

If you have questions or comments, leave them in the comment section down below or feel free to e-mail me, [email protected].

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