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S1E12 - You Are Destined For Something Greater With Stephanie Pietz

"You are destined for something greater.  That's a part of you I love so much." 

Those are the words Stephanie's boyfriend, Michael Stravers, had written to her in a letter near Thanksgiving of 2016.  The letter outlined how much he loved Stephanie for who she is and why he wanted to be with her.  

As you will hear in this season finale, Stephanie recounts the first time she ever met Michael and how their friendship turned into a storybook relationship.  Every part of this interview is like listening to the scenes of a romantic film.

You'll hear Stephanie recount the moment she fell in love with Michael and the moment she heard news of Michael that would rock her world forever.

The second half of this story is a great reminder for anyone that we all can get knocked down so hard that it seems impossible for us to get up.  Just as you'll hear in the beginning, I have been faced with my own recent loss--emotional and physical frustrations.  


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S1E11 - Is This Going To Be a Life Or Death Situation With Stephanie Pietz

Continuing with my interview last week with Amy Morin, we dive a little further into Emotional Intelligence.  As you may have heard me define it last week, Amy clarifies that Emotional Intelligence can be defined a couple of different ways. 

In essence, EQ is understanding the reasons you feel certain emotions and how you can become more self-aware of those emotions so they don't control your life.  Amy and I talk about the emotion, "anger", and define when it's good to get angry and when it is helpful.

Controlling The Stories We Tell Ourselves

We tell ourselves stories everyday that don't really exist.  Those stories can dictate the outcome of our day and if we don't have a handle on our emotions, then we can tell even deeper stories that lead us into emotions that can make us angry or sad.  Amy breaks down why we should control our feelings and why it's a good thing to be self-aware.

Identifying Grief Outside Of Death

Grief doesn't have to be something...

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S1E10 - Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds. It's What You Do With That Time

personal development Aug 01, 2017

As I continue my conversation with Jimmie Whisman, we begin to discuss the topic of passion and why you should always work hard for the thing you love doing.  Especially when it comes to the point where you are finding yourself struggling to move on your passion.

With Jimmie, he works a full-time job in the day, comes home at night and tries to be the best possible father that he can be.  On top of it, he's traveling 45 minutes away from his house to a studio across town to record a 2-3 hour podcast with his best friend.

Jimmie wants to ensure that anyone who has a dream or passion that they shouldn't give up on it no matter how hard it gets.  He considers "quitting" as doing something "drastic" and you should never do something that you would end up regretting down the line.

Sure, things might get in the way of your passion like a death or emergency, but Jimmie's advice is to never give up what you love so much.

I ask Jimmie a specific question that makes him...

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Podcast: S1E9 - Delusions Ruin All Dreams With Jimmie Whisman of Crime in Sports

personal development Jul 24, 2017

Where does your motivation come from?

Does it come from reading about someone else'e journey? 

Does it come from self-confidence?

Motivation is the key component to accomplishing your goals step by step. You may find that you are motivated for a few days, but as our mind will have it, you're going to be fed with that negative self-talk and soon you might find that you have a self-image problem.

You might say to yourself that you aren't capable of recording that YouTube series or that you can't create your own business.  Soon, low self-image puts you back in the same rut that you were in a few days prior.  

Soon you will find that you're making up all the excuses to not accomplish your goal because your self-image has you convinced that you can't do anything.

So what do you do to stay motivated?

You have to build self-confidence a little bit every single day.  This means working on yourself every day whether it's through exercise, diet and nutrition, reading,...

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Podcast: S1E8 - The Experience Is Connected To Everything With Kyle Winterstein

personal development Jul 11, 2017

The journey to becoming the experience will present you with a number of opportunities to be in front of a mass of people.  Whether you are doing it in person or online, giving that unique experience is harder than ever for someone to remember. 

In a world where social media dominates our lives, it's harder than ever to make a memorable experience.  But Kyle Winterstein believes that those who have a "romance" with an artist will make it a point to hunt out an experience for themselves.

But as you'll hear in this episode, it seems as though most artists these days are only making the experience about themselves and not thinking of the fan that is sitting in front of them---supporting their art fully.

Kyle points out that most musicians are just in it to get the job done without creating something that is memorable. He believes that most actions that happen in daily life affect the overall experience--whether it's customer service or creating art.  The experience...

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Podcast: S1E7 - Focusing On The Business Of Your Life With Jason Richardson

"What I do with clients is help them build a belief." - Dr. Jason Richardson

From a very young age, Jason Richardson had a belief that he could be the best in the world when it came to riding a bicycle. For most of his adolescence he raced BMX tracks to eventually start winning top spots to compete against some of the best.

After he cut his teeth on the race track, he found himself competing in some of the biggest worldwide tournaments around the world where the standard to win was to beat the best. In Jason's mind, he knew that if he wanted to be the best he had to think just like the best.  That meant practicing harder and shifting his mindset from thinking he could just "place" in tournaments to actually going for the gold. 

As he got older, he found that real life was actually starting and the business of bike racing was starting to slowly fade away.  Soon, Jason found himself at a crossroads of what he wanted to do with his life when the endorsements stopped...

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Podcast: S1E6 - Everything In Your Life Is Just A Decision With Phil Labonte

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"Everything in your life is just a decision." -Phil Labonte, All That Remains

We hear so much about the "experience" outside of this podcast.  

You walk into a Starbucks, you hear the acoustic music on the overhead speakers, the murmur of voices in the distance echo in your head and the smell of roasted coffee permeates every sense. 

You walk up to the counter and the barista asks you, "What can I get started for you?"

It's never "How can I help you?" or "What can I do for you?"

It's always, "What can I get started for you?"

Starbucks and many companies these days pride themselves on leaving an experience.  Starbucks isn't so much about the coffee as it is about the experience.  

The same would go for companies like Uber.  Uber isn't about getting a ride from someone because you used their app. It's about the time you're saving from having to call a cab and how every...

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Podcast: S1E5 - When You're In That Initial Discovery Phase, Different Is Good

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When it comes to achieving your dreams and becoming the experience, Zoltan justifies why you should use the resources you have to create the beginning of your own dream.

You'll also learn that I got a little bit sick in this episode and suffered from a sore throat and ear infection due to working at festival and meeting multiple fans for 98 KUPD's Brufest.

In this episode I will take you down a path of your past and how you were fearless at one point in your life. When we were young, we used to take so many chances without understanding any of the consequences.

Now that we are older, have rent/mortgages, bills, family obligations, we become fearful of losing the things that are valuable. 

We will then talk with one of my favorite people in the world, Gelie Akhenblit of the website, Networking Phoenix.  Gelie has fun for a living as a professional networker and talks with me regarding...

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Podcast: S1E4 - Information Is The Best And Most Important Currency With Zoltan Bathory

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Staying motivated is a challenge for anyone. Every single day we are faced with having to wake up and make our way to work, deal with the boss, worry about bills and assume that the person who is successful has always had it easy.

What most people don't realize is that staying motivated takes work like anything else.  The only difference is that motivation is all about intention.

In today's episode, we will finish our discussion with Ben Anderson and talk about the notion of being personable and how that strengthens your brand.

Then we will work our way into interview with the guitarist of Five Finger Death Punch, Zoltan Bathory.  This interview was recorded via Facebook Live for the radio station. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • What is POH and what does it mean?
  • How you need to put your words into action to make your dreams come true.
  • Learn what Zoltan does everyday to stay...
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Podcast: S1E3 - Short Term Pains = Long Term Gains With Ben Anderson

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Shan Man opens up about his addiction to substances such as alcohol and how his addictions cost him relationships and problems with his health.

Today he finishes his discussion with Shannon Phillips and why he doesn't drink alcohol due to the gluten in the barley. Shannon Phillips illustrates what sugar does to our bodies and why most of us get that little belly roll around the waist and the complications it creates in our health.

Most of our complications may be a result of having our gut lining becoming depleted and not protecting the toxins that get in our body.  So it has to be established that we have to practice eating healthier every single day of our lives.

In this episode we are introduced to Ben Anderson, the drummer for the band Nothing More. You will learn today:

  • How Ben got the drumming bug after playing another unlikely instrument.
  • What it takes to be a...
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