What Is The Best Way To Edit A Podcast?

As of this post, I just finished editing an in-studio performance by the band Thrice that will be featured on the radio station website (link to come when the video is edited).

Over the past weekend, we had the band come into the studio, sit down with their guitars and play two acoustic tracks for us.  I have to say, being able to be a part of these intimate performances happens to be a great perk of the job. 

But the setup of the performance was something that was on my digital content manager's mind the entire time.  His goal was to capture great audio with great video so that he would be able to share it with the radio station audience.  He recruited a few individuals from the station to film and set up the microphones. 

The setup was simple:

  • Two vocal mics
  • Two DIs (direct inputs) for guitars
  • Record all of these tracks into Presonus to prepare for editing.

When the band came in, they informed us that their guitars didn't have any pickups and we would be...

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Soundtrap: A Free Web-Based Recording Software For Your Podcast

The other day, someone inquired on my YouTube channel about free web-based software they could use that would work with their Chromebook. 

When I answered her back, I told her that I didn't know of any type of web-based platform that could help her create her own podcast.  But it was shortly thereafter another user chimed in and said there definitely was software available to create a podcast, but it wasn't branded as web-based software to create a podcast.

In fact, it's a web-based application called Soundtrap that allow one to create music loops for musicians. 

After exploring what Soundtrap does for their podcasting function, I was really impressed with how they were able to fit this type of application into a web-based platform. 

In this blog I want to highlight some of my favorite features with Soundtrap and help you make a decision on whether this is the right platform for you to use if you're just starting your own podcast.  


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How Perfect Does My Podcast Sound Need To Be?

Since I've taken a keen interest in helping podcasters, I have made it my mission to help novice to intermediate podcasters share their message effectively to their potential new audience. This means surveying podcasters like you and learning what they find most important.

I have asked podcasters, like you, about audio sound quality and how important it is to them.  What I have learned is that 70% of podcasters who have taken my survey say that top-notch audio quality is important.  

And, in the last few days I've received a handful of emails from new podcasters telling me they want their podcast to sound like it came out of a radio studio.  

So what does this mean to you and me?

Sound quality is high on the list for podcasters.  But I want to share with you the shades of sound quality and what they will mean to you as a podcast producer.


When you hear the term "editing" for podcasting, I hear a...

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