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When Is It A Good Time To Start A Podcast?

personal development podcast development Jan 17, 2019

Today I'll answer a question I got off Twitter regarding when you should stop a podcast. Instead of knowing when to stop a podcast, the question posed to me was, "When should you START a podcast?"

I'm going to give you three of my own particular tips, in which I think you should start your own podcast.

Scenario #1: The Bar Conversation

First let's talk about the conversations you have with your friends. Your conversations may be hilarious, insightful, educational or whatever. In fact, they might be a ton of fun when someone says, "We should start a podcast!".

That's when you think, "This would be a pretty good idea!" Once the idea is seeded in your head, someone goes home and starts researching Google and YouTube to come across a blog or YouTube channel like this one. They learn what they need to do and start implementing and researching what to do in order to entertain or educate your audience.

However, I will tell you this: if you're going to create something like a comedy podcast, you have to make sure that you really do relate to your audience and vice versa. If there are too many inside jokes between hosts, it might confuse your audience. Allow your audience into your world by setting the stage for them.

Scenario #2: Generating Sales For Your Business

You are a small business owner, online entrepreneur, or someone who is looking to drive more sales. Maybe you're a t-shirt company who wants to deliver your specific apparel brand out to the masses. This is confirmed when people keep telling you you need to start your own podcast because you can generate leads off your podcast.

Then you think, "That sounds great, but I don't know to even get started!".

Don't worry! It's very common for entrepreneurs to know know where to get started with using a podcast to generating leads.

One thing I know is that using your podcast to generate leads can be fruitful as long as you are consistent with delivering a podcast every week. A consistent release schedule is important to the success of your podcast. You can create a podcast either every week or every other day. It will be up to you and your schedule.

Once you get into people's ears, they start to trust you a little more--andonce you start to open up a little more to them, they start to trust you and want to gravitate more towards your energy. If you have really great energy, they will gravitate towards you like you wouldn't believe. But here's my word of caution: it does take time to build an audience. If you're not buying ads, you have to rely on good old fashioned "word of mouth" promotion to gain traction to your program.

When I restarted my YouTube channel, it took me a year to get it up to this point. It takes consistency every single time you create an episode. You have to be patient with your growth.

Make sure that you set your systems up so that when the time does come that you can generate those leads and drive people maybe to your website or into your store. This may be a reason why you want to start a podcast.

Scenario #3: You're A Great Storyteller

You have a creative streak inside you and you want to share that creative streak through storytelling. Maybe you want to express your creativity through acting or directing. There are plenty of podcasts that are doing this. This may be a reason why you want to start a podcast.

Maybe you have a real talent for writing scripts or you have a talent of telling stories. And you want to be able to tell stories. This may be another way you want to express yourself.

Fair waring though...

When you create a storytelling podcast--depending on the type of podcast that you want to create and the niche of storytelling--it's going to take a lot of time to get out that script.You may have to take the time to find the right actors and set up the right time to record.

Then you need to factor in the time for the editing. Storytelling podcasts can take time. It's just going to really be up to you on how you want to see the success and the growth of your own podcast when it comes to that creative niche.

Maintain Consistency To See Growth And Progress

At the end of the day, when you start a podcast depends on how disciplined you are with completing tasks to make sure that the podcasts get out when you first start. Seasoned podcaster have learned that there has to be a discipline that comes with creating content on a regular basis. Whether you're finding guests, researching for your show or editing audio, the consistency of discipline is the one thing that will help you grow your podcast over time.

I realize it is very hard to stay motivated, But the most important thing is the discipline.

When you don't want to create an episode, do your best to still go through and publish it. T. This is what this podcasting game is all about. Consistency.

I hope this video was helpful. If you know someone who is struggling with the idea of starting a podcast or maybe needs some ideas, share this blog or video with them. Let them know they have every potential to start a podcast that can be great and impact the world. Whether it's through laughs or education, anyone can create a podcast as long as they stick with it.

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