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Is there a way you can stream your podcast live without using Facebook Live or YouTube Live?

I know there are YouTubers creating live videos as podcasts and I think this is a wonderful way to get your podcast out there in another format. I do realize people are listening to podcasts on YouTube, but there are still people who do listen to podcasts on their smart device

It's important to understand that live streaming software can really help when it comes down to acquiring a new audience--especially an audience that is in real time.

I want to talk about a new "software" that came out just a few weeks ago through Castbox. If you're not familiar with what Castbox is, it's a podcatcher where you can listen to podcasts through their application on your iPhone or your Android device.

It's very similar to Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, etc. Basically, Castbox pulls RSS feeds into their application so you can search for podcasts..

As of a few weeks ago, they released a new software where influencers are getting involved doing their own podcasts on the platform. This software is allowing podcasters, like you and me, to jump on and do live podcasting. For me, this works because I'm very comfortable doing live radio or a live format.

The Contents of Castbox's Livecast

Castbox has created an interface where you can go in and you can start live streaming through the phone or on the desktop. When you enter into the broadcast page, you get the following features:

  • Inviting your followers to listen in real time.
  • Name the titles of your Livecast like you would in YouTube.
  • See the listings of live shows happening in real time. (Only available on the application)

Types of Programs Listed in Livecast

As far as what I have seen in terms of live shows are mainly people who are just streaming music. This isn't all of the time, but it's what is mostly being aired right now.

If you check the listings on Livecast, you're going to find actual podcast programs running during the middays--programs with a little more substance.

Scheduling Your Own Livecast Is A Breeze

As the podcast creator you have the ability to schedule these live streams and publish to the listings on the app. This way you can push people to your page and set a notification when you go live.

If you're great at building consistency into your schedule, this is a great way to get people to have people tune in live.

Growing A Following on Castbox With Live Chats and Phone Calls

When you are actually live, there is also a "follow" button on the front end for people to follow your profile.

There is a chat function so people can interact with you and other listeners in real time.

As a content creator/podcaster, you have the ability to pull phone calls in on your Livecast at the touch of a button. All you have to do is give a call-to-action for your listener to press the phone icon and they can be directly connected to your Livestream. This is a step up from a Skype call setup or any other setup where you're trying to bring co-hosts or guests in. Castbox has understood the communication barrier in terms of live phone calls.

Monetize Your Podcast Through Livecast

Another thing Castbox has on the front end of the app is a gifting feature. Simply put, this is a way that you can monetize a podcast. However, it's not based in dollars. It's all based around a "coin" system. For example, a listener can purchase a certain amount of coins for a certain amount of money. The cost of coins on the app varies based on the amount you want to purchase.

When you purchase a certain amount of coins, any denomination to that podcaster/creator, and help them build up a pot of coins. Can a podcaster cash in their coins? The answer is YES.

Now that we know the front side of the app described, let's talk about the back-end.

The Back End of Livecast - Features and Functions

Castbox's Livecast has a simplified post interface that looks like YouTube's interface. You can set a title, description, and show art so people can recognize your brand. There is also a checkbox function where you can notify your fans when you go live.

There's a checkbox that will also let people know whether your content is explicit or not.

The Quality of Your Audio Recordings

When you go on Livecast, your recordings are of a decent sound quality, but I think you should understand the final render is decent, but it's not the best. It's not like if you're recording directly into a digital audio workstation. If that doesn't matter to you, I would say that the being recorded through Livecast comes out pretty decent.

Now, if I was pulling down this piece of audio, I would definitely repurpose it and turn it into something that is a little more produced with intros and outros. It is possible to directly upload these live episodes from the Livecast into Castbox and have them show up as a previously broadcast program.

I recommend that you look into their services to see whether it's something that might be of benefit to you.

Monetize Your Podcast With Premium Episodes

As a quick side note, I know Castbox offers the ability for you to create premium episodes and allow the content creator to monetize off of premium episodes. You may want to look into that and explore what Castbox has to offer.

Personally, I think Castbox's Livecast is a really good solution for a lot of podcasters out there who aren't looking to get into a big setup. In fact, Castbox makes it easy for two co-hosts to do a podcast if they are in different locations.

If you have used Castbox's Livestream, I'd love to hear about it in the comment section below.  Let me know what you think of the feature.

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