Promoting Your Podcast With Email Marketing (The Basics)

podcast marketing podcasting tools Dec 08, 2017

Let's talk about promoting your podcast and getting your content in front of the eyes and the ears of those who matter.

So if you've started a podcast, you now understand the podcasting game takes a little bit of financial capital. Not that it's huge, but It's not a huge commitment but you're now realizing that you're jumping into the deep end with both feet first.  You're going to have to spend some money to successfully create great content.

If you have spent more than you anticipated, the good news is that you are invested.  You're invested in creating something for the world to consume and hopefully inspire.

You're invested so much that sharing your opinions, thoughts, or maybe ideas can build a community around that philosophy.  But it takes work, right?  You've guessed it, podcasting is not easy.

If you're feeling discouraged about all of this podcast stuff, don't worry you're not alone. There are plenty of podcasters out there who are going through the exact same thing and are working just as hard to get their content into the world.

What does it take to get more ears and eyes onto your content?

Let me share with you a little story...

When I first started in radio nearly 19 years ago, the internet but it wasn't as fast as what we see today.

As a radio broadcaster, the only means of communication was using the studio telephone. The way people communicated with me at the job that was by calling up the requests line to request a song.  Not all of the time did they request songs, though.  Sometimes listeners would ask about concert information, questions about the morning show, or whatever.

While the listeners were able to call in, I was able to record those phone calls and gather that engagement through phone recording.

In turn, I would used that recorded phone call and put it back out onto the air. During the recorded phone call, I made sure I would ask some type of question to foster engagement.  Hopefully, I would get people to hear the phone call on the air and call the request line even more. 

Soon, I would start harvesting more people as they heard I was answering phone calls.

Bottom line: I was engaging my audience and continued to ask them to call me. 

I did this so much over the course of the years that I gained a loyal following.

How does this relate to podcasting?

I understand that you don't have the reach of a radio tower but you do have the reach of the internet--and that's way more powerful than a radio tower. In fact, you do have the reach of Facebook, you have the reach of Twitter, and YouTube, and email marketing.

Even though I use my social media platforms to disseminate my podcast, I'm using one tool that continues to drive people to listen to my podcasts or watch my YouTube videos:

Email marketing/email newsletter.

Some of the most novice podcasters are using an e-mail newsletter list to drive traffic to their podcast.  If you look at the Almost 30 Podcast, they are utilizing an email marketing channel, like Mailchimp, to promote products they use and drive traffic to their podcast. 

How do you build an email marketing list?

You're going to do it on social media by asking your listeners to subscribe to your newsletter.

You're going to do it on your podcast by asking your listeners to subscribe to your newsletter.

You're going to place calls to action within your YouTube videos or your Twitter videos--asking them to get on your e-mail newsletter list.

Your email newsletter list is one of the most valuable sources for getting people to come in and listen to your podcasts.

You may say to yourself, "E-mail? It doesn't really work. I have a better reach on social media."

Let me say this: with every marketing podcast or marketing conference that I have ever gone to--which is quite a few--they all ask that you utilize your e-mail newsletter list.  Your newsletter list  is going to be the one thing that will keep people coming back and wanting more.

Email your list every week--no exceptions

People have different schedules and aren't glued to their phone waiting for your podcast to come up.

Sometimes listeners turn off the push notifications.

Sometimes listeners don't see notifications come through because they had a busy day.

But one thing that they do get every single time is an email. I don't care who you are you're going to check your email every single time.

So try to get your listeners on an e-mail newsletter list. That's how you're driving traffic back to your podcasts.

If I were to take this into a further strategy session with you: every week you need to not only record and publish a podcast, but you need to be sending out e-mail newsletters.  Perhaps you release a podcast on a Monday.  Space out the marketing time by promoting the podcast on social on Tuesdays, e-mail on Wednesday, and YouTube on Friday.  

Don't abuse the email list

Set clear expectations that you are going to email the list 1-2 times a week about podcast release or special events and promotions.  Don't worry if you feel like you're spamming them.  You're not!

They got on your list so you CAN bother them!  They're already invested in you so, make it a point to maintain consistent contact!  Keep them coming back with quality content in your emails and in your podcasts. 


Make sure to include links in your email that are directed to your website where the podcast can be listened to.  If a new listener stumbles upon you, make sure they are going to your website to see what you have to offer in terms of content.  They may stumble upon an older piece of content that appeals to them.



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