[TOOL TIP] How to Book Guests For Your Podcast

podcast development podcasting tools productivity Dec 28, 2017

Likely you've had cohosts--maybe you've had expert interviews--come onto your podcast and you've had to schedule them out in some certain way. Typically you are reaching out to them through e-mail and asking them, “Hey, would you like to come on my podcast?"

What happens is that your guest probably agrees to showing up on your podcast, then it comes down to the point where you're having to schedule out the time. 

This usually results in a number of e-mail exchanges back and forth.  

A tool that podcasters have been using for a few years is something called ScheduleOnce  (there's another one called Calend.ly too).  These tools are are, basically, scheduling software for your your calendar workflow.

In other words, this is an automated virtual assistant that knows your schedule openings and follows up with your calendar openings with automated emails.

Most successful podcasters have been using this tool to make the scheduling process a lot simpler--especially when it comes to issues with time zone logistics.

I particularly use ScheduleOnce because it has saved me so much time from writing follow-up emails and also eliminates any confusion with appointments in different time zones.

Cool things about ScheduleOnce

  • I can go into the software and pre-select my own availability times inside of the application.  The pre-selection of your availability times is integrated with your calendar and won’t double-book you.  BONUS!
  • You can create custom booking forms that have your branding and pertinent information for your podcast guest.  
  • Information like your social profiles, phone number and website can be listed  in order to reach you.  
  • The booking form also sets up collection fields to gain information from your guest so that you know who is booking with you and why.
  • ScheduleOnce integrates with iCal, Exchange, Outlook or Outlook.com, and Google Calendar.  

How do you schedule out your guests for your podcast? Are you doing it manually or is there another tool you’re using?  Comment below!

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