Live Streaming Software For Podcasts With Castbox.FM

Is there a way you can stream your podcast live without using Facebook Live or YouTube Live?

I know there are YouTubers creating live videos as podcasts and I think this is a wonderful way to get your podcast out there in another format. I do realize people are listening to podcasts on YouTube, but there are still people who do listen to podcasts on their smart device

It's important to understand that live streaming software can really help when it comes down to acquiring a new audience--especially an audience that is in real time.

I want to talk about a new "software" that came out just a few weeks ago through Castbox. If you're not familiar with what Castbox is, it's a podcatcher where you can listen to podcasts through their application on your iPhone or your Android device.

It's very similar to Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, etc. Basically, Castbox pulls RSS feeds into their application so you can search for podcasts..

As of a few weeks ago, they released a new...

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