Advice On How To Become A Great Podcaster

This last week I received an email from a student of mine who was inquiring on how to become a great podcaster.  When I read the reason why she wanted to become a great podcaster, I saw this as an opportunity to lift her spirits so she doesn't find the podcating process so daunting. 

I want to share parts of the email exchange I had with her in this blog post. I hope that when you read this post, you can understand that you are not alone in your quest to becoming a great podcasters.


Meet Sharia

Sharia has been communicating with me since the start of the pandemic.  She reached out wanting to take my training course on designing a podcast and had many other questions that she wanted answered.

Her background was that she had a podcast at one point in time, but didn't like the outcome of how it sounded or where she was publishing her podcast.

The nature of her podcast is to help parents and students with getting more information for student athletes.  She...

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