[BLOG] Should I Write-Off 2020? How To Turn 2020 Into The Best Year Ever

inspiration motivation Jun 09, 2020

Take me back to the time when our only worries were raiding Area 51.   Who remembers the big event that was created by Matty Roberts?  

It seemed like all that was in the news was the fact that a million people responded to attend the event in Nevada that could potentially happen.  It kinda did, but it was far more low-key than what it was made out to be online.

But it didn't keep friends from reaching out to me and asking me whether or not I wanted to go. As much as it would have been an experience to go, life had felt like it was happening to me...

Humor me for a bit...


If I were to lay out all of the things that happened to me in 2019, I would skip this blog post and just publish a book.  So, let me just give you the highlights.

January - Supporting Friends During Their Time Of Loss

Helped a friend go through a traumatic experience of losing her son in a car accident. I spent a solid two weeks with her to help her cope with the...

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Waiting Until For The Pandemic To End To Start A Podcast Will Be Your Biggest Regret

motivation May 26, 2020

Now that the world is operating at 50%, I continue to hear from podcasters who tell me, "When the pandemic is over I am going to start my podcast."

The first thing I think when I hear that statement is, "If you already know you want to start the podcast, what are you waiting for? Why don't you get started on it now?"


I've also heard from people who continue to watch my videos and get inspired to improve upon their skills so they can re-boot their podcast to come back stronger than ever.

Before I go any further, I want to share a quick story that will hopefully inspire you to work on the weaker areas of your podcasting...


If you didn't know, a few weeks ago I sprained my ankle walking down one of my favorite paths close to my house. I wish the story was juicier, but I was just walking down the path and rolled my ankle on the edge of the pavement into the dirt. Shan Man DOWN!

As I sat there, collected myself and waited for the...

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When Is It A Good Time To Start A Podcast?

discipline motivation Jan 17, 2019

Today I'll answer a question I got off Twitter regarding when you should stop a podcast. Instead of knowing when to stop a podcast, the question posed to me was, "When should you START a podcast?"

I'm going to give you three of my own particular tips, in which I think you should start your own podcast.

Scenario #1: The Bar Conversation

First let's talk about the conversations you have with your friends. Your conversations may be hilarious, insightful, educational or whatever. In fact, they might be a ton of fun when someone says, "We should start a podcast!".

That's when you think, "This would be a pretty good idea!" Once the idea is seeded in your head, someone goes home and starts researching Google and YouTube to come across a blog or YouTube channel like this one. They learn what they need to do and start implementing and researching what to do in order to entertain or educate your audience.

However, I will tell you this: if you're going to create something like a comedy...

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