Protect Your Podcast Assets When You Outsource

outsourcing Sep 19, 2019
A few weeks back I received an email from someone in my podcasting community regarding a question she couldn't find online.  She had a concern about protecting her content because she was thinking about outsourcing all of he work for her podcast.  
This meant she wanted to outsource the editing and promotion of her podcast and she feared that one of her contractors would have control over some of her social media accounts as well as the content that she created.  Furthermore, she wanted secure access when it came to her RSS feed.
Below is my response to her when it came to solutions for her concerns if she decided to outsource her podcast.  I've edited the email to her for this blog.

If I'm understanding correctly, you want to outsource the work you create for your podcast.  This means outsourcing the podcast editing and publishing to a hosting platform.
Further, I am going to assume you want to also want to outsource...
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