A Podcaster's Guide To Different Podcast Formats


Can my podcast have two different types of formats? First I think we need to define what a "format" is and then determine whether or not it will be beneficial for you, your podcast listeners and your podcast.

This particular question comes from a recent tweet. This is how it was asked:

"Hey, Shannon, I've been binge-watching your YouTube videos all this week and have a question. How advisable-- or not--is it to have two different kinds of formats of content in a single podcast,? For example, a solo talking [podcast] interview uploaded in alternate weeks to the same channel?"

Defining "Format" In Podcasting

When I think of "format" for podcast purposes only, I'm thinking of "style". You might have a solo podcast where you're talking just alone and you're sharing your thoughts and your ideas out.

Then you have the "interview style" format, which would be you and a guest.  This can also be a podcast where it's you and a co-host interviewing a guest.

Or maybe you have the...

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