How To Avoid Podcast Plagiarism

Today we're talking all about plagiarism and whether or not your podcast is in threat of being accused of plagiarizing someone else's content.

The reason why I bring up today's topic is because as of recently there was an article that was posted about a particular set of podcasters who supposedly lifted some content from a journalist--and that journalist accused those podcasters of taking his content and using it as their own.

What ended up happening was that those particular podcasters ended up deleting a number of episodes because they feared as though maybe they were plagiarizing some other piece of content.

Is this the right course of action that those podcasters could have taken? I don't know.

I don't think that it's wise to necessarily delete episodes, but maybe that's what needed to happen anyway. Secondly, it all comes down to the process of when you're creating content and when you're researching.  Are you citing the correct sources. Let's examine what you need to do...

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