How Anyone Can Be Successful With Podcasting--Even Radio Broadcasters

podcasting tips Sep 22, 2019

 On September 4th, I was interviewed by RadioInk Magazine and contributed my thoughts on how radio broadcasters can become better podcasters. If you are interested in reading the article in full you can click here.

As I reviewed the article, I realized the advice that I was giving to radio broadcasters applies to just about anyone who has a podcast or is starting a podcast.  

The content below will have a little bit of inside baseball lingo, but it doesn't detract to the overall idea of creating a successful podcast.  In fact, radio broadcasters are content creators just like anyone else.  The only difference is that they have access to better equipment and more ability to create valuable content.  

Please take this into account when you're reading this Q & A and enjoy!

Radio Ink: If podcasting were a nine-inning game, where is radio in that game right now?

Shannon: First, I’m going to exclude public radio from this section...

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A Podcaster's Guide To Different Podcast Formats


Can my podcast have two different types of formats? First I think we need to define what a "format" is and then determine whether or not it will be beneficial for you, your podcast listeners and your podcast.

This particular question comes from a recent tweet. This is how it was asked:

"Hey, Shannon, I've been binge-watching your YouTube videos all this week and have a question. How advisable-- or not--is it to have two different kinds of formats of content in a single podcast,? For example, a solo talking [podcast] interview uploaded in alternate weeks to the same channel?"

Defining "Format" In Podcasting

When I think of "format" for podcast purposes only, I'm thinking of "style". You might have a solo podcast where you're talking just alone and you're sharing your thoughts and your ideas out.

Then you have the "interview style" format, which would be you and a guest.  This can also be a podcast where it's you and a co-host interviewing a guest.

Or maybe you have the...

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The Difference Between an Podcast and Audiobook Recording


All I want for podcasters is the best. It's always frustrating for me when I jump into Facebook groups and see that podcasters complaining about the recording and editing process.

But it's just not the podcasters, it's a podcast editors that get too technical or too engrossed in the very fine details. Don't get me wrong, I do think that fine details are important,  but nitpicking about every little sound can just keep you from publishing anything at all.

I want to talk with you about the difference between a podcast recording versus and audiobook recording. There are definite differences in the style of recording so I think it's important that you understand those differences when you go into your  recording and editing process.


As I always mention in my YouTube videos, podcasting can be just about anything that you want it to be. You can see one of my other blogs where I talked about the different styles of podcasting right here.

 But as...

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How Do You Pick The Perfect Topic For Your Pilot Podcast?


This last week I was clearing out messages in my Twitter inbox and I came across a message from 2017 that I had never answered. I have to admit I feel a little bit ashamed that I didn't get back to that message, and I swear that Twitter never notifies me whenever I receive private DMs.

Nevertheless, I still needed to answer the question for the user because I know that it's a topic that trips people up when it comes to starting up their podcast. Getting the equipment is the easy part. Learning how to use that equipment is the intermediate part.

It's the actual content creation that can be a real difficult problem for podcasters who think their content isn't good enough. Let me help you brainstorm a couple of ideas when it comes to developing the perfect topic for your pilot podcast.


Podcasting is more than just getting a microphone, mixing board, and all the fancy little tools to create your audio. Podcasting is more about knowing the style you're...

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When Should I Quit Podcasting?

podcasting tips Oct 01, 2018

It's always hard to read in Facebook groups that a podcaster is ready to give up the game.  

Here are some of the reasons why a podcaster might want to quit:

  • They are just getting tired of podcasting.
  • Aren't seeing an ROI.
  • Can't seem to get their social media following to listen.
  • Aren't seeing any growth in podcast downloads each week. 

If you're feeling discouraged after podcasting, let me try and help you diagnose the problem and see if we can't get you off on the right foot.


I know that it might seem like the obvious question but you wouldn't believe how many podcasters don't know what the main purpose is for their podcast.

There are a lot of podcasters out there who say they just want to start a podcast based around conversations they have with their friends. This is okay, but the nature of podcasting is all based around niches and specific topics.

Don't get me wrong I think it's cool that you want to have a conversation around...

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3 Simple Ways To Developing A Captivating Podcast Brand



Recently I was asked, "Shannon, how is it that you created a fanbase of 11,000 on your Facebook page, have fans promote for you and have such a loyal following?"

I'll be honest with you, it wasn't easy and I think it's hard for anyone to realize that just to get from zero to 11,000 takes a lot of work. But doing the work isn't what you should be fearing.

The real fear is about not doing any work and remaining stagnant.

So in this post, I want to break down some simple principles that have gotten me from starting at zero to having a loyal audience.  But first, I want to cover some groundwork that is essential to your podcast success.


When I'd go to podcasting or leadership conferences, I would always hear the speakers tell the audience, "You need to have a clear goal as to what you want to achieve."  

When I heard this I would always roll my eyes and think,...

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What Podcasters Ought To Know About Ranking A Top 100 Podcast

podcasting tips Jun 03, 2018

By now you have realized there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to starting up a podcast.  As if getting the right equipment, figuring out how to record, grabbing guests, knowing where to post your podcast and everything else wasn't enough, you're now worried about getting a podcast ranked in iTunes Apple Podcasts.

Too often I hear from friends and clients alike that they want to rank in the Top 100 or show up in New and Noteworthy.  While I don't have a problem with this, ranking shouldn't be the biggest priority on your podcasting to-do list. 

Today I want to try and set some realistic expectations for the podcaster when it comes to launching and growing a podcast the right way.


For the past 6-7 years I have attended and spoken at conferences/trainings about podcasting and what you can do to make an impact with grabbing more downloads.

During those first few years, the big thing that was being touted was "ranking" your...

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What To Expect When You Launch Your First Podcast

podcasting tips May 26, 2018

There's a lot of excitement that surrounds your very first podcast. Especially when it comes to launching those first few episodes.  But the process leading up to the launch does take a little bit of time.

If you're reading this right now and you're thinking about starting a podcast, let me share with you some of the things that you will encounter as you lead up to the launch of your First episodes.


There are plenty of websites and movies that explain the concept of never being good at something the first time you do it.  In fact, I experienced this concept back in 2014 when I started to feel ill with heart pains and back issues.

I knew that I had to start eating right and get daily exercise, but I was afraid to go to the gym in fear of what the others might think of me.  Then one day, I was sitting in front of my computer and my leg fell asleep and my heart felt like it wanted to explode. From that moment on, I made it...

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Start A Podcast For Your Business

business podcasting tips May 19, 2018

Up to this point, this channel has really helped out the hobbyist. But I have also gotten business owners, bloggers and brick and mortars coming to this website and my YouTube channel to see how they can build a podcast for their business.

I think this is absolutely great because I believe every serious business who is serious about getting more business, a podcast is definitely something that they should consider putting into their marketing strategy.

Today, I want to talk about few things, I want to talk about you and your own personal business philosophy and how podcasting can help strengthen your current assets that you already have in your business.


First, let’s talk about your business philosophy.

“How are you serving the world?”

I’m sure you’ve heard this many times from other digital marketers out there, but I truly want to know how you’re providing value to the rest of the world.


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The Cheapest Way To Start A Podcast

You’ve been bitten by the podcasting bug but you don’t know exactly where to start or which equipment that you need to get. What you do know is that you have a limited budget to start your podcast and you don’t want to go beyond that budget before you get in too deep.

Most podcasters ask the question, “How much is it going to actually cost me to start up a podcast?”

My answer to you is going to be, “It all depends.”

As a beginning podcaster, you may have certain goals that you want to reach and that may result in you asking questions like, “How can I get the best results for my podcast at the cheapest price?” or, “How can I get my podcast to become one of the biggest podcast without having to pay a lot of money?”

Community Research Survey

Before I answer these questions, I think it’s important that I share some research that I have done from some of the podcasters within my community about what type of...

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