Should Podcasters Hire A Social Media Manager?

Should you hire a social media manager to promote your podcast?

This is a question that gets asked quite a bit on my YouTube channel. Hiring a social media manager is not a bad idea when it comes down to your podcast, but you have to understand when the time is right to hire your social media manager. Hiring someone will take more off of your plate so that you're not struggling with content development.

The beginning of your journey is likely going to require you to do most of the work. If you're doing it for yourself, then you certainly understand the amount of work it takes to get all that content pushed to social media.

But if you streamline a lot of that work with a social media manager, then we can go ahead and say that your promotional efforts are worthy because they should be getting traction online.

Let's go over a couple of scenarios where a social media manager might be for you (or not).


You produce a podcast, but you really don't have time...

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