When Should Podcasters Get Paid For Sponsorships?

Everyone hears about sponsorships for podcasts but no one is really talking about the actual process of sponsorships.  The reason for this is because most podcasters just want to create a program, but don't know anything about selling.

This is understandable.

You hear a lot from podcasters how they reached out to sponsors and then BOOM: Squarespace or Blue Apron is on the pre-roll for a podcast.  

But I don't want you thinking that Squarespace and Blue Apron are your only options when it comes to getting advertisers on your podcast.

Podcasters need to become more creative when it comes to getting potential advertisers.  This means the opportunities are boundless as you let your creativity set in. 

This also means that you don't have to go after big advertisers. 

Here are a couple of examples of the types of advertisers you can get for your podcast if you're willing to go out and get those people to be on your podcast.  As a word of caution, not all...

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Tips For Getting Podcast Sponsors

monetization sponsorships Jan 04, 2018

Today I want to talk to you about podcast sponsorships. It's also called monetization. There are many different ways you can describe “sponsorship”. In some circles it can be called “monetization” while others just call it “advertising” or “spot” sales.  


Before I answer this question, you may have your own questions regarding sponsorships, like:

“Do I need to have thousands upon thousands of downloads to start getting sponsors?”

The answer to this is “no!”

In this particular instance, we're going to be looking at large and small data numbers.

I'm also going to share with you recent research results from Nielsen ratings that give you a better understanding of how people listen to podcasts and why advertising is important.  


As of December 8, 2017--when this this report was released--Nielsen...

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