Should I Put My Podcast On Spotify?

podcasting spotify Aug 15, 2019

 Today we're talking all about whether or not you should have your podcast inside of Spotify.

When I put my podcast up for the first time--whether I got my hosting service through Libsyn, Spreaker or Blubrry, Anchor (yes, I said Anchor--even though that a platform that I don't recommend that you use)--you can get your podcasts listed inside of Spotify.

There was some recent news that had come out and it's actually some recent news that came out a while back.  As of this blog post we are talking about a Spotify now positioning themselves as a syndication platform officially.

You can now submit your RSS feed into their platform's website.

So this means that Spotify is just like Apple Podcasts. It's also like submitting an RSS feed to Google podcasts, Stitcher, and all the other syndication platforms.

The only difference with Spotify compared to the other platforms is that Spotify is now stepping up their game in terms of the analytics. And now I want to go over some of the...

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