Should You Start A Podcast In A Crowded Market?

start a podcast Feb 14, 2019

Should you put your podcast in a crowded (saturated) market that's filled with similar podcasts?

I think it's important I answer this question because there's a lot of self-doubt podcasters have about putting a similiar-style podcast into the marketplace.

Overcoming Your Self-Doubt

First, let's start from the very beginning when you've decided what you want to podcast about. We come up with that particular topic and we say, "Okay, but can I make an impact inside of that particular market?"

When I'm talking about a "market" I'm talking about a category that you see on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, etc.

One thing podcasters have a problem with is the fear that the market is just way too saturated. Then they have another fear being less authoritative, less of an expert or less funny than a top podcast.

I'm here to tell you to not worry about that at all because everyone has to start from ground zero.

As an established radio personality, I didn't have a massive audience when I...

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The Cheapest Way To Start A Podcast

You’ve been bitten by the podcasting bug but you don’t know exactly where to start or which equipment that you need to get. What you do know is that you have a limited budget to start your podcast and you don’t want to go beyond that budget before you get in too deep.

Most podcasters ask the question, “How much is it going to actually cost me to start up a podcast?”

My answer to you is going to be, “It all depends.”

As a beginning podcaster, you may have certain goals that you want to reach and that may result in you asking questions like, “How can I get the best results for my podcast at the cheapest price?” or, “How can I get my podcast to become one of the biggest podcast without having to pay a lot of money?”

Community Research Survey

Before I answer these questions, I think it’s important that I share some research that I have done from some of the podcasters within my community about what type of...

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