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How to Make Unique Podcast Cover Art

podcast marketing podcasting tools Dec 21, 2017

Today I want to talk to you about creating your own podcast coverart and getting into a creative space.

This video and blog post is for someone who is not a Photoshop pro. I want to share with you the tips and tricks that I am using to create podcast photo/cover art for my own podcasts and even my client podcasts.

What Are The Podcast Art Dimensions For iTunes?

First thing you need to know is that podcast cover art image dimensions will be 3000px by 3000px.

This is a very large square and the colossal size is a requirement by Apple Podcasts.

Next, upload your podcast cover art into whatever hosting service you are subscribing to for your podcast. This could be Libsyn, Blubrry, Podbean, Spreaker, etc. This image will feed over into iTunes once you have uploaded it to your hosting.

Use Canva To Create Free Podcast Art

Canva is probably the easiest way to create podcast art if you have zero clue about Photoshop. Think of it like photo/graphic design for dummies.  It's so impossibly easy to use. 

Canva gives you the ability to have a free account or paid accounts to access more features.  

Branding Your Podcast Cover Art -- Make It Look Unique!

Let's talk a little bit about the aesthetics of your podcast cover art.

What should your podcast cover art entail?

What should you include in your cover art?

First, let's start off with a personal brand. If your personal brand, like me--The Shan Man brand--you likely probably want to have your own face on the cover image.  This will distinguish you from other podcasters in your niche market.

In my case, when people see the photo of me, they will be able to identify me as the podcaster, broadcaster and my willingness to help other podcasters.   My look is associated with how I present myself over social platforms and how I present myself in person.

So, what is your brand all about?

How have you gotten your brand to be on point for yourself?

Do you have a different hair color?

Do you embrace something that is unique to you?  If so, that should probably be included in your cover art.

The Colors For Your Podcast Cover Art

When you create your cover art, consider the colors and how they will match your brand?

You will definitely need a clear, large font that stands out in color.  This way people can see your cover art pop out from the rest of the pack.  Create an image that is going to capture someone's eye.

When it comes to a business podcast, what does your business brand look like?

Is there a unique logo that needs to be included?


You can utilize the iTunes store/Google Play Store/Spotify store to get ideas of cover art by just browsing.

Look at album covers album covers! They are a great ay to look at how the pros are doing it. Look at the lettering, look at the font type and size. 

What some of the cooler images are inside of iTunes? 

The Smartphone Photo School For Podcasters

I have created a photo school where you an create your own podcast cover art using your smartphone. Personally, I like to create my own cover art using the tools that are available to me. For me, using stock images doesn't feel like I've added my personal creative touch.

If I'm not creating something that is my own, then what's the point of even creating a blog or podcast?  If I'm just hocking things from everyone else then I fall into the trap as an unoriginal thief.

The Smartphone Photo School teaches the average person, everyday person how to utilize and create cool cover art for their podcast. This just isn't limited to podcast cover art either.  Maybe they want to create cover art for their blog or presentation. 

As you can see in the video above, the Smartphone Photo School will teach you more than just adjusting the contrast and cropping.  If you're looking to get more creative and a little more unique with your brand, my training will definitely help. 

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