How Do Podcasters Deal With Negative Feedback?

podcast tips Nov 11, 2018

A common worry that most podcasters have are people who give negative feedback on your content.  I think I should be clear in this instance and tell you that there is a difference between constructive criticism and negative feedback.

In today's post I want to share with you  what you can do to deal with the negative feedback with your podcast.   Before I go any further I should probably share with you one of the many times I have gotten negative feedback from listeners.


Early in my full-time career on the radio, phone lines would always explode when I played a specific song or expressed my extreme  enthusiasm in a particular artist. 

As a radio personality, it's your job to encourage engagement by having the listeners call in and share their thoughts with you on your particular topic.  When I would do this, I would have a small percentage of individuals who were more than critics. They were just straight haters.


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Can A Podcast Lead To Speaking Engagements?

podcast tips Nov 05, 2018

Podcasting can be one way to hone your speaking skills. And once you have honed you're speaking  skills, you might be thinking that you could get in front of a crowd and speak about your particular topic.

This question was asked to me recently on my YouTube channel about getting an opportunity to speak in front of people because of a podcast.

So, “Can a podcast lead to speaking engagements?”

The answer to this is, of course, “Yes!”

Back in 2015, I was asked--by the organizers of Podcast Movement--if I could speak at one of their conferences. You have to keep in mind, I was only helping clients to build podcast and  didn't have an active program.

Nevertheless, one of the organizers saw that I was making waves in the niche and asked me to speak to help build awareness around his growing conference.

I remember it like yesterday...   

I made the trip out to San Diego for the pre-conference speech as the only radio broadcaster. Everyone...

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Do Podcast Interviews Only Work If Guests Are Famous?

podcast tips Oct 29, 2018

I recently had a interesting question that was asked to me on my YouTube channel. The person who commented asked, “Do podcast interviews only work if the guests are famous?”

I think there's a big misconception for the beginning podcaster when it comes to interviewing guests on their program. As a podcast listener looking to become a podcaster, it’s necessary to go beyond the idea that you need to have a big name on your program.

Sure anyone who is a big-name can definitely draw some traffic and get you some downloads to your podcast, but they don't necessarily work. Having someone who is “famous”  on your podcast doesn't mean that everyone will listen either. I know there are some programs where I may like the podcast, but I may not be too interested in the topic based on the type of guest that is in the studio.

This is something that is very common whenever you listen to radio programs across the globe.

Remember  as a podcaster, not everyone...

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Branding Your Podcast: What Sets You Apart From Other Podcasts

podcast tips Oct 21, 2018


As of 2018 there was a report that there is 525,000 podcast that are active. Each one has their own style and delivery.

Some podcasts are simple in nature while others sound a little more produced to make themselves stand out. And standing out is one of the  biggest things that podcasters want to do when they compare themselves to other podcast.

First of all, I will tell you this: you shouldn't compare yourself to other podcasts.

When you podcast, you're creating a program based on something that you want to see in the world. Focusing on other people's podcasts and comparing theirs does you the disservice of succeeding at your own podcast.  Focus on your own podcast first.

Let's focus on how we can make our podcast stand out from the rest. I don't think it's bad to say that you can observe what other podcasters are doing,  so let me try to explain to you how you can set yourself apart from other...

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The Difference Between an Podcast and Audiobook Recording


All I want for podcasters is the best. It's always frustrating for me when I jump into Facebook groups and see that podcasters complaining about the recording and editing process.

But it's just not the podcasters, it's a podcast editors that get too technical or too engrossed in the very fine details. Don't get me wrong, I do think that fine details are important,  but nitpicking about every little sound can just keep you from publishing anything at all.

I want to talk with you about the difference between a podcast recording versus and audiobook recording. There are definite differences in the style of recording so I think it's important that you understand those differences when you go into your  recording and editing process.


As I always mention in my YouTube videos, podcasting can be just about anything that you want it to be. You can see one of my other blogs where I talked about the different styles of podcasting right here.

 But as...

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How Do You Pick The Perfect Topic For Your Pilot Podcast?


This last week I was clearing out messages in my Twitter inbox and I came across a message from 2017 that I had never answered. I have to admit I feel a little bit ashamed that I didn't get back to that message, and I swear that Twitter never notifies me whenever I receive private DMs.

Nevertheless, I still needed to answer the question for the user because I know that it's a topic that trips people up when it comes to starting up their podcast. Getting the equipment is the easy part. Learning how to use that equipment is the intermediate part.

It's the actual content creation that can be a real difficult problem for podcasters who think their content isn't good enough. Let me help you brainstorm a couple of ideas when it comes to developing the perfect topic for your pilot podcast.


Podcasting is more than just getting a microphone, mixing board, and all the fancy little tools to create your audio. Podcasting is more about knowing the style you're...

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When Should I Quit Podcasting?

podcasting tips Oct 01, 2018

It's always hard to read in Facebook groups that a podcaster is ready to give up the game.  

Here are some of the reasons why a podcaster might want to quit:

  • They are just getting tired of podcasting.
  • Aren't seeing an ROI.
  • Can't seem to get their social media following to listen.
  • Aren't seeing any growth in podcast downloads each week. 

If you're feeling discouraged after podcasting, let me try and help you diagnose the problem and see if we can't get you off on the right foot.


I know that it might seem like the obvious question but you wouldn't believe how many podcasters don't know what the main purpose is for their podcast.

There are a lot of podcasters out there who say they just want to start a podcast based around conversations they have with their friends. This is okay, but the nature of podcasting is all based around niches and specific topics.

Don't get me wrong I think it's cool that you want to have a conversation around...

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What Is The Best Way To Edit A Podcast?

As of this post, I just finished editing an in-studio performance by the band Thrice that will be featured on the radio station website (link to come when the video is edited).

Over the past weekend, we had the band come into the studio, sit down with their guitars and play two acoustic tracks for us.  I have to say, being able to be a part of these intimate performances happens to be a great perk of the job. 

But the setup of the performance was something that was on my digital content manager's mind the entire time.  His goal was to capture great audio with great video so that he would be able to share it with the radio station audience.  He recruited a few individuals from the station to film and set up the microphones. 

The setup was simple:

  • Two vocal mics
  • Two DIs (direct inputs) for guitars
  • Record all of these tracks into Presonus to prepare for editing.

When the band came in, they informed us that their guitars didn't have any pickups and we would be...

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When Should Podcasters Get Paid For Sponsorships?

Everyone hears about sponsorships for podcasts but no one is really talking about the actual process of sponsorships.  The reason for this is because most podcasters just want to create a program, but don't know anything about selling.

This is understandable.

You hear a lot from podcasters how they reached out to sponsors and then BOOM: Squarespace or Blue Apron is on the pre-roll for a podcast.  

But I don't want you thinking that Squarespace and Blue Apron are your only options when it comes to getting advertisers on your podcast.

Podcasters need to become more creative when it comes to getting potential advertisers.  This means the opportunities are boundless as you let your creativity set in. 

This also means that you don't have to go after big advertisers. 

Here are a couple of examples of the types of advertisers you can get for your podcast if you're willing to go out and get those people to be on your podcast.  As a word of caution, not all...

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Soundtrap: A Free Web-Based Recording Software For Your Podcast

The other day, someone inquired on my YouTube channel about free web-based software they could use that would work with their Chromebook. 

When I answered her back, I told her that I didn't know of any type of web-based platform that could help her create her own podcast.  But it was shortly thereafter another user chimed in and said there definitely was software available to create a podcast, but it wasn't branded as web-based software to create a podcast.

In fact, it's a web-based application called Soundtrap that allow one to create music loops for musicians. 

After exploring what Soundtrap does for their podcasting function, I was really impressed with how they were able to fit this type of application into a web-based platform. 

In this blog I want to highlight some of my favorite features with Soundtrap and help you make a decision on whether this is the right platform for you to use if you're just starting your own podcast.  


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