Should I Use Soundcloud For My Podcast?

"Should I use Soundcloud for my podcast? " With so many audio hosting services available to podcasters, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your needs. Perhaps Soundcloud is the platform for you? Maybe it isn't.  Let's do a brief examination of the platform.

I Don't Use Soundcloud Anymore

Let's make this short and tell you that I'm not particularly a fan of Soundcloud.

When I first started my own podcast "Be The Experience," I first went with Soundcloud. When I went with this service, everyone kept telling me to use Libsyn or Blubrry because the services provided much more for a similar price.

Although I had used Blubrry in the past, I thought, "You know what? I'm going to try Soundcloud so that I can see whether the service is worthy of being used."

At the time when I signed up for Soundcloud, I received an email a week later--from Soundcloud--that the service was the verge of shutting down. At the time, Soundcloud hadn't figured out a way to monetize to the point...

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Can You Listen To Podcasts Inside A Google Search?

Can you listen to podcasts in a Google Search? Is it important for podcasters?

Quick answer: YES, this is VERY relevant for you and your podcast.

Google recently posted an article on their website about podcasts now showing up in search results. For example, if you put in "crossfit podcasts" in the search bar on Google, you're going to be served a certain number of results along with webpages, new stories, videos, and now podcast that all relate back to crossfit.

This is something I think is important for you as a podcaster--whether you're a comedy podcast, a business podcast, true crime podcast, etc.

How Does This Feature Work From The Search Query End and How Will It Work For Podcasters?

Full disclosure, I am NOT an SEO mega-expert, so I'm just sharing with you my assumptions of how these results are showing up in a Google Search.

If I had to guess, this is what is happening:  Google is pulling keywords from the title of the podcast episode and as well as the keywords in...

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Live Streaming Software For Podcasts With Castbox.FM

Is there a way you can stream your podcast live without using Facebook Live or YouTube Live?

I know there are YouTubers creating live videos as podcasts and I think this is a wonderful way to get your podcast out there in another format. I do realize people are listening to podcasts on YouTube, but there are still people who do listen to podcasts on their smart device

It's important to understand that live streaming software can really help when it comes down to acquiring a new audience--especially an audience that is in real time.

I want to talk about a new "software" that came out just a few weeks ago through Castbox. If you're not familiar with what Castbox is, it's a podcatcher where you can listen to podcasts through their application on your iPhone or your Android device.

It's very similar to Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, etc. Basically, Castbox pulls RSS feeds into their application so you can search for podcasts..

As of a few weeks ago, they released a new...

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Should I Put My Podcast On Spotify?

podcasting spotify Aug 15, 2019

 Today we're talking all about whether or not you should have your podcast inside of Spotify.

When I put my podcast up for the first time--whether I got my hosting service through Libsyn, Spreaker or Blubrry, Anchor (yes, I said Anchor--even though that a platform that I don't recommend that you use)--you can get your podcasts listed inside of Spotify.

There was some recent news that had come out and it's actually some recent news that came out a while back.  As of this blog post we are talking about a Spotify now positioning themselves as a syndication platform officially.

You can now submit your RSS feed into their platform's website.

So this means that Spotify is just like Apple Podcasts. It's also like submitting an RSS feed to Google podcasts, Stitcher, and all the other syndication platforms.

The only difference with Spotify compared to the other platforms is that Spotify is now stepping up their game in terms of the analytics. And now I want to go over some of the...

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9 Podcasting Hacks for New Podcasters

Podcasting can be an incredibly fun and rewarding activity if you aren’t completely lost when you start the process.  Whether you’ve you’ve started a podcast or have dipped your toes into the podcast waters--but haven’t gone “all-in” on this journey--I want to share some of my top tips that can help you create a better podcast.

As a 19-year radio personality, I dove into podcasting nearly 10 years ago as a consumer--a highly-critical ONE who had an edge on most podcasters that were in the audio market.   

Radio awarded me the experience to create similar types of programs from a technical aspect without having to use a professional recording studio that costed thousands of dollars.  But it wasn’t the equipment that made me better. It was the delivery and presentation that I have been able to hone over the course of the years. This has given me a better edge in a market that is still new to a lot of people.   


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Should You Start A Podcast In A Crowded Market?

start a podcast Feb 14, 2019

Should you put your podcast in a crowded (saturated) market that's filled with similar podcasts?

I think it's important I answer this question because there's a lot of self-doubt podcasters have about putting a similiar-style podcast into the marketplace.

Overcoming Your Self-Doubt

First, let's start from the very beginning when you've decided what you want to podcast about. We come up with that particular topic and we say, "Okay, but can I make an impact inside of that particular market?"

When I'm talking about a "market" I'm talking about a category that you see on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, etc.

One thing podcasters have a problem with is the fear that the market is just way too saturated. Then they have another fear being less authoritative, less of an expert or less funny than a top podcast.

I'm here to tell you to not worry about that at all because everyone has to start from ground zero.

As an established radio personality, I didn't have a massive audience when I...

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A Podcaster's Guide To Different Podcast Formats


Can my podcast have two different types of formats? First I think we need to define what a "format" is and then determine whether or not it will be beneficial for you, your podcast listeners and your podcast.

This particular question comes from a recent tweet. This is how it was asked:

"Hey, Shannon, I've been binge-watching your YouTube videos all this week and have a question. How advisable-- or not--is it to have two different kinds of formats of content in a single podcast,? For example, a solo talking [podcast] interview uploaded in alternate weeks to the same channel?"

Defining "Format" In Podcasting

When I think of "format" for podcast purposes only, I'm thinking of "style". You might have a solo podcast where you're talking just alone and you're sharing your thoughts and your ideas out.

Then you have the "interview style" format, which would be you and a guest.  This can also be a podcast where it's you and a co-host interviewing a guest.

Or maybe you have the...

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When Is It A Good Time To Start A Podcast?

discipline motivation Jan 17, 2019

Today I'll answer a question I got off Twitter regarding when you should stop a podcast. Instead of knowing when to stop a podcast, the question posed to me was, "When should you START a podcast?"

I'm going to give you three of my own particular tips, in which I think you should start your own podcast.

Scenario #1: The Bar Conversation

First let's talk about the conversations you have with your friends. Your conversations may be hilarious, insightful, educational or whatever. In fact, they might be a ton of fun when someone says, "We should start a podcast!".

That's when you think, "This would be a pretty good idea!" Once the idea is seeded in your head, someone goes home and starts researching Google and YouTube to come across a blog or YouTube channel like this one. They learn what they need to do and start implementing and researching what to do in order to entertain or educate your audience.

However, I will tell you this: if you're going to create something like a comedy...

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You Can't Afford To Delete Old Podcast Episodes - Here's Why

You might have some old podcast episodes that are outdated. Should you delete those episodes?


This is a topic that has come up based around some activity that is happening on my YouTube channel.

At the time of this post, I have a particular YouTube video that is a bit controversial. For those of you who have been around with me for awhile, you know that I have a love/hate relationship with Anchor.FM. Please don't think I hate the guys over at Anchor.FM, but I don't really buy into the service that they are providing if you're looking to grow your podcast into something bigger.

They are putting in a lot of effort to their particular platform and at the end of the day, it will work for some people. It doesn't mean that it works for me.

I digress...

What happened was that I posted a particular video about Anchor.FM and their terms of service.  At the time, there was some controversy that swirled around Twitter as to whether Anchor owned your content or not.

Since that...

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How to Put Your Podcast On Google Podcasts

There seems to be a little bit of confusion when it comes to the difference between Google Podcasts and Google Play Music.

Where should you submit your RSS link to get listed on the brand new Google Podcasts app?

Google doesn't make this very easy for the podcaster who is trying to list their program across different syndication platforms. Where most syndication platforms make it easy with step-by-step instructions, Google really doesn't explain this a whole lot.

And you really have to go searching for the answer inside of a Google search in order to really find something substantial.

In today's post I want to breakdown a simple step-by-step process that will help you get your podcast listed in the Google Podcasts app as well as Google Assistant and Google Home.


Google Play Music was a service that was dropped a few years back where people could listen to music like they listen to music on Apple.  It was Google's answer...

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