The Best Way To Transcribe Audio Podcasts To Text

podcasting tips Nov 16, 2017

Last week I was at the GoDaddy offices in Scottsdale, Arizona to talk all about podcasting with my friend, Heather Dopson.  Not only do I love seeing Heather, but I love to educate small business owners all about the value of podcasting for their business.  To get an idea of what we talk about, you can watch the video below.

Some of the best discussion that happens is usually behind-the-scenes and it was on this particular day that one of Heather's friends brought up a valid point about podcasters and transcription services.

Just before we were about to start, one of Heather's colleagues popped his head in to say hi and introduced himself to me.  When he found out I did podcasting, he asked me, "Why don't podcasters have their podcast transcribed and put on their website. Don't they know the value of SEO benefits if they have their podcast transcribed?"

Well, he's right and this is a drum that I have been beating upon deaf podcaster ears for a long time.

I know what...

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Figuring Out Topics For Your Podcast With Addie Saucedo

interviews podcasting Nov 09, 2017

Addie Saucedo is a podcaster who focuses on helping fellow podcasters develop their program from a number of perspectives.  Whether it's coming up with content for a show or developing an interview, Addie has dedicated her time to coming up with the ultimate tool that will get you from point A to point B in her workbook, The Podcast Planner.

Back in August of 2017, I met Addie at the annual podcast conference, Podcast Movement, and she showed me a workbook she had released to help other podcasters.  When I thumbed through the workbook, it covered everything from how to develop ideas to which type of equipment you could get to start your podcast.

Not only that, but this workbook took the podcaster down the journey of developing engaging content for their own program and has the podcaster engage in written exercises that will take their podcast to the next level.

In today's interview, Addie discusses how The Podcast Planner will help you:

  • Develop more content ideas.
  • Market...
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Podcasting For Dummies with Chuck Tomasi


If you live in the Phoenix, Arizona area, attend the Podcast It Yourself (PIY 2017) workshop on October 28th, 2017.  You can register for the event here.

Click here to purchase Podcasting For Dummies Book on Amazon.


Today I continue my interview series by talking with podcaster and author of the Podcasting For Dummies book, Chuck Tomasi. Chuck is considered one of the grandfathers of podcasting.

In today's episode, I talk with Chuck about his book launch, where you can buy it, but what you can do when it comes to starting your own podcast. 

Today, we cover:

  • Chuck's history in podcasting.
  • How he became an author for Podcasting For Dummies.
  • Whether you should invest in tons of podcasting equipment.
  • Leveraging podcasting for your business.
  • Skills you can learn from podcasting.
  • Releasing podcasts on video and audio.
  • How you can refine your topic for your podcast.
  • How to get good at podcasting.
  • How authors are using podcasting to tell stories....
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Your Biggest Podcasting Challenges With Vincent Orleck


Today, I interview a branding professional, a social media professional and a podcaster. His name is Vincent Orleck. He’s from the podcast, More Than Hashtags and the reason that I’m bringing Vince on this video is because I wanted to have someone talk about the challenges for a beginning podcaster. People who come into my e-mail subscribe list, they are either beginners or they’re looking to step up their game in podcasting.

Not only am I sharing all these tips out on my YouTube channel but I feel as though it’s important to have professionals--I guess you could say hobbyists like Vincent--come on my video and talk about podcasting for those who are looking to jump into the game or to expand their podcast game.

Today, I want to talk about those challenges for beginners, what challenges will a beginner face when it comes down to starting their own podcast or dealing with their current process of their podcast but they’re just a little bit lost...

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Monetizing Your Podcast With Jimmie Whisman of Crime In Sports

Today I'm interviewing at Jimmie Whisman of the podcast Crime in Sports. Jimmie has been podcasting with his partner James Pietragallo for just over a year and has garnered nearly 6 million downloads within that time.

And Crime in Sports is not their only podcast either. They have another true crime podcast called Small Town Murder that is equally popular and gets just as many downloads.

In this interview, I drill down on the monetization model that Jimmie uses to gather income for his podcast. Today you're going to learn all about:

  • Where you can find money to earn for your podcast.
  • The exact steps to monetizing your podcast.
  • Whether Patreon really works as a monetization model.
  • How long it takes to make money with a podcast.
  • How podcasting has opened up opportunities for him and his partner.
  • The single most important piece of advice when it comes to monetization.

I think it's important to know that when it comes to monetization, there are multiple ways you can earn money for...

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S1E12 - You Are Destined For Something Greater With Stephanie Pietz

"You are destined for something greater.  That's a part of you I love so much." 

Those are the words Stephanie's boyfriend, Michael Stravers, had written to her in a letter near Thanksgiving of 2016.  The letter outlined how much he loved Stephanie for who she is and why he wanted to be with her.  

As you will hear in this season finale, Stephanie recounts the first time she ever met Michael and how their friendship turned into a storybook relationship.  Every part of this interview is like listening to the scenes of a romantic film.

You'll hear Stephanie recount the moment she fell in love with Michael and the moment she heard news of Michael that would rock her world forever.

The second half of this story is a great reminder for anyone that we all can get knocked down so hard that it seems impossible for us to get up.  Just as you'll hear in the beginning, I have been faced with my own recent loss--emotional and physical frustrations.  


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S1E11 - Is This Going To Be a Life Or Death Situation With Stephanie Pietz

Continuing with my interview last week with Amy Morin, we dive a little further into Emotional Intelligence.  As you may have heard me define it last week, Amy clarifies that Emotional Intelligence can be defined a couple of different ways. 

In essence, EQ is understanding the reasons you feel certain emotions and how you can become more self-aware of those emotions so they don't control your life.  Amy and I talk about the emotion, "anger", and define when it's good to get angry and when it is helpful.

Controlling The Stories We Tell Ourselves

We tell ourselves stories everyday that don't really exist.  Those stories can dictate the outcome of our day and if we don't have a handle on our emotions, then we can tell even deeper stories that lead us into emotions that can make us angry or sad.  Amy breaks down why we should control our feelings and why it's a good thing to be self-aware.

Identifying Grief Outside Of Death

Grief doesn't have to be something...

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S1E10 - Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds. It's What You Do With That Time

personal development Aug 01, 2017

As I continue my conversation with Jimmie Whisman, we begin to discuss the topic of passion and why you should always work hard for the thing you love doing.  Especially when it comes to the point where you are finding yourself struggling to move on your passion.

With Jimmie, he works a full-time job in the day, comes home at night and tries to be the best possible father that he can be.  On top of it, he's traveling 45 minutes away from his house to a studio across town to record a 2-3 hour podcast with his best friend.

Jimmie wants to ensure that anyone who has a dream or passion that they shouldn't give up on it no matter how hard it gets.  He considers "quitting" as doing something "drastic" and you should never do something that you would end up regretting down the line.

Sure, things might get in the way of your passion like a death or emergency, but Jimmie's advice is to never give up what you love so much.

I ask Jimmie a specific question that makes him...

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Podcast: S1E9 - Delusions Ruin All Dreams With Jimmie Whisman of Crime in Sports

personal development Jul 24, 2017

Where does your motivation come from?

Does it come from reading about someone else'e journey? 

Does it come from self-confidence?

Motivation is the key component to accomplishing your goals step by step. You may find that you are motivated for a few days, but as our mind will have it, you're going to be fed with that negative self-talk and soon you might find that you have a self-image problem.

You might say to yourself that you aren't capable of recording that YouTube series or that you can't create your own business.  Soon, low self-image puts you back in the same rut that you were in a few days prior.  

Soon you will find that you're making up all the excuses to not accomplish your goal because your self-image has you convinced that you can't do anything.

So what do you do to stay motivated?

You have to build self-confidence a little bit every single day.  This means working on yourself every day whether it's through exercise, diet and nutrition, reading,...

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Podcast: S1E8 - The Experience Is Connected To Everything With Kyle Winterstein

personal development Jul 11, 2017

The journey to becoming the experience will present you with a number of opportunities to be in front of a mass of people.  Whether you are doing it in person or online, giving that unique experience is harder than ever for someone to remember. 

In a world where social media dominates our lives, it's harder than ever to make a memorable experience.  But Kyle Winterstein believes that those who have a "romance" with an artist will make it a point to hunt out an experience for themselves.

But as you'll hear in this episode, it seems as though most artists these days are only making the experience about themselves and not thinking of the fan that is sitting in front of them---supporting their art fully.

Kyle points out that most musicians are just in it to get the job done without creating something that is memorable. He believes that most actions that happen in daily life affect the overall experience--whether it's customer service or creating art.  The experience...

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