Start A Podcast For Your Business

business podcasting tips May 19, 2018

Up to this point, this channel has really helped out the hobbyist. But I have also gotten business owners, bloggers and brick and mortars coming to this website and my YouTube channel to see how they can build a podcast for their business.

I think this is absolutely great because I believe every serious business who is serious about getting more business, a podcast is definitely something that they should consider putting into their marketing strategy.

Today, I want to talk about few things, I want to talk about you and your own personal business philosophy and how podcasting can help strengthen your current assets that you already have in your business.


First, let’s talk about your business philosophy.

“How are you serving the world?”

I’m sure you’ve heard this many times from other digital marketers out there, but I truly want to know how you’re providing value to the rest of the world.


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The Cheapest Way To Start A Podcast

You’ve been bitten by the podcasting bug but you don’t know exactly where to start or which equipment that you need to get. What you do know is that you have a limited budget to start your podcast and you don’t want to go beyond that budget before you get in too deep.

Most podcasters ask the question, “How much is it going to actually cost me to start up a podcast?”

My answer to you is going to be, “It all depends.”

As a beginning podcaster, you may have certain goals that you want to reach and that may result in you asking questions like, “How can I get the best results for my podcast at the cheapest price?” or, “How can I get my podcast to become one of the biggest podcast without having to pay a lot of money?”

Community Research Survey

Before I answer these questions, I think it’s important that I share some research that I have done from some of the podcasters within my community about what type of...

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The Pros & Cons of Seasonal Podcasts

podcasting tips seasonal May 05, 2018

What exactly is a seasonal podcast?

You've probably seen these types of podcasts if you've ever listened to the Serial podcast or even Startup podcast.  They mirror the format that is similar to a TV series like a Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Cobra Kai or any program that operates in a seasonal format. 

Podcasters have recently taken on this philosophy of "seasonal" programs within the last 5 years after they had listened to programs like Serial.  This method sparked the idea that you could create content for your platform and still provide some type of value as you market the other parts of your platform (like your website, Instagram, Facebook, blog, etc.).   

Before you start thinking that a seasonal podcast is for you, I think it's important that you understand the nature of what a seasonal podcast can do and whether or not it is a fit for you and your style of podcasting.


Inside of these podcast programs we see...

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What Are The Best Headphones For Podcasting?

While you’re on your podcasting journey, you might ask yourself the question, “Should I get expensive headphones or should I just go ahead and use my earbuds that came with my Samsung phone or my iPhone?”

This is a really good question and it’s actually something that I think is very important when it comes down to you creating your own podcast.

First of all, let’s talk about why we use headphones.

Headphones are a great way to monitor your distance from the microphone so that you can hear when you need to adjust away from the microphone or closer to the microphone.

As I tell most people that I consult, what you put into the microphone is what you’re going to get out into the recording. It’s important that you know your distance from the microphone so that you can create a quality podcast with amazing sound.

Another reason we use headphones is when we create a Skype call or a remote call. We don’t want to hear the feedback from the...

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Is There Software To Automatically Edit Out Ums and Uhs From A Podcast?

podcasting tips Apr 12, 2018

Everyday, when I turn on the TV or I watch a video on YouTube, I see a talk show host interview a guest while spurting out a flurry of ‘ah’,  ‘uh’ and ‘um’ into their delivery. You’ll see this from Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, world leaders to professionals in radio.

When it comes to podcasting, some hosts have a particular philosophy as to how they want their podcast to sound and whether they want to have their delivery sound pristine or more transparent.


Filler words seem to be a huge topic in the podcasting industry and are almost vilified by every amateur podcaster and editor. But there is a misconception behind these words and shouldn’t be confused as a sin.

When we think of filler words like ‘uh’ and ‘um’, we have to differentiate the difference between formal and informal speech.  Typically in conversation, filler words are more thoughtful because the speaker is...

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Using Branded Short Links For Your Podcast

podcasting tips Apr 05, 2018

This post can apply to either the brand new podcaster or the seasoned podcaster.

When it comes down to getting serious about your podcast, you want to start branding yourself from the start so that people can recognize the name of your podcast.  

Today I want to talk to you about using branded links for your podcast so that people can easily access certain long form links that can’t be mentioned in a podcast itself.

Simplified branded links are easy to use when you’re trying to give out a website where the address is far too long to mention while podcasting. But if you're resourceful, you’re able to put those long links inside of your own branded link with a very simple extension.

For example, if I had a link I wanted to promote in my podcast that took my listener to a location where that post is hosted, I could give out the address, ""--a link that takes them to the hypothetical 4th episode of my podcast. 

Branded links also give you...

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How To Engage With Your Podcast Listener

podcasting tips Mar 29, 2018

Engaging with your listener is probably one of the single most important things you can do as a podcaster.

Everything I'm doing on the radio is I’m trying to get people to:

  • Dial a phone number to call me on the phone lines.
  • Interact with me on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Visit a website where I've posted a piece of content I want them to view.

You as a podcaster must do the same. Your most valuable piece of content is your podcast and it's your job to encourage your listeners interact with you on social media or submit voice recordings. 

The key here is engagement. 


How do we figure out how to get engagement on social media?

First, you can encourage your listeners through your podcast to reach out to you on social media by leaving a comment on one of your photos on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  Ask them to share a memory or a thought that will foster engagement. 


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Do I Need Soundproofing For My Podcast?

podcasting tips Mar 22, 2018

Today I want to talk with you about whether or not you need soundproofing for podcasting space.

When you listen to some podcasts, you can hear the pristine sound from the microphone and there's hardly a speck of ambient noise that happens in the background.

By perception, it may seem that these podcasters have a room that is filled with soundproofing foam and expensive carpet that is deadening the sound. In some cases, this is true but in most cases--especially whenever you’re starting your own podcast--you won’t have the ability to utilize soundproofing.


Soundproofing is typically used in radio stations and voiceover sound booths all across America. Obviously, it's used to eliminate any of the ambient noise that is bouncing off drywall or concrete walls.  But it is also there to prevent any sounds from entering into your studio.

These types of studios invest TONS of money for quality equipment for the obvious reasons....

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Can I Use Copyrighted Music For My Podcast?

podcasting tips Mar 15, 2018

Today I want talk to you about using licensed music for your podcast.

Before jumping into this topic, I should note that you shouldn’t take this blog post as any type of legal advice. You should consult with your own attorney when it comes down to using licensed music.

Maybe you’re a brand new podcaster and you’re looking to step up your production game. Or maybe you’re a podcaster who’s been doing this for a while and you just want to feature a couple of clips of music in your podcast to really drive home a point.

This blog post may give you a perspective that will have you rethink whether you should be using licensed music inside of your podcast.


Most podcasters consider their podcast as another piece of media that can be consumed by the general public. But what they don’t realize is that what they’re hearing on TV and on radio has been licensed or a license has been purchased to use that music within...

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Measuring For Podcasting Success

podcasting tips Mar 08, 2018

In today's post, I am answering a question from a YouTube comment that was left a few weeks back. It was a very simple question that gets asked quite a bit. 

Viewer, Jonathan Stubbs, asks, "How do you personally measure for success after a podcast launch?"


1. What are your personal goals for your podcast?

2. Which benchmarks do you need to look at when it comes down to having a successful podcast? 

3. Do you have a strategy in place for your podcast after you’ve launched it? What are your objectives? 

4. What are your goals?

Do you have a specific goal in mind when it comes down to the launch of your podcast, and seeing it succeed overtime?

Is your goal to get a certain number of downloads by specific date?

Are you trying to get more clients for your business? 

Are you hoping that you can make some money off of your podcast through sponsorships and ad revenue?

5. Are you looking to gain email...

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