Does My Podcast Need A Hard Launch Date?

Today we are talking about whether or not you need to set a hard launch date for your podcast.

Every now and again I am approached by a podcaster who say they are frustrated by the approval process to syndication platforms. When I ask why, it's usually because the podcaster has set a hard launch date for their podcast to launch and want to jump into the marketplace with a big splash.

Today I want to break down the meaning of a hard launch and a soft launch with hopes that I can alleviate the pressures you may face when you launch a podcast (or even specific episodes).


If you haven't figured it out yet, but you need to define the goal for your podcast. You hear me talk about this all the time and I'm going to continue to talk about it, but you have to define the goal of your podcast. In other words, what is the objective of your podcast? Is it to entertain or is it to educate?

If it's meant to entertain, what is the underlying objective or the goal...

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Should Podcasters Hire A Social Media Manager?

Should you hire a social media manager to promote your podcast?

This is a question that gets asked quite a bit on my YouTube channel. Hiring a social media manager is not a bad idea when it comes down to your podcast, but you have to understand when the time is right to hire your social media manager. Hiring someone will take more off of your plate so that you're not struggling with content development.

The beginning of your journey is likely going to require you to do most of the work. If you're doing it for yourself, then you certainly understand the amount of work it takes to get all that content pushed to social media.

But if you streamline a lot of that work with a social media manager, then we can go ahead and say that your promotional efforts are worthy because they should be getting traction online.

Let's go over a couple of scenarios where a social media manager might be for you (or not).


You produce a podcast, but you really don't have time...

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Advice On How To Become A Great Podcaster

This last week I received an email from a student of mine who was inquiring on how to become a great podcaster.  When I read the reason why she wanted to become a great podcaster, I saw this as an opportunity to lift her spirits so she doesn't find the podcating process so daunting. 

I want to share parts of the email exchange I had with her in this blog post. I hope that when you read this post, you can understand that you are not alone in your quest to becoming a great podcasters.


Meet Sharia

Sharia has been communicating with me since the start of the pandemic.  She reached out wanting to take my training course on designing a podcast and had many other questions that she wanted answered.

Her background was that she had a podcast at one point in time, but didn't like the outcome of how it sounded or where she was publishing her podcast.

The nature of her podcast is to help parents and students with getting more information for student athletes.  She...

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Is It OK To Record Two People on Separate Audio Tracks For My Podcast?

podcast recording Jun 23, 2020

Today, we're talking about multi tracking and whether or not it is more beneficial to ,you as the podcaster or an editor in the long run. In today's post, I want to share with you a couple of philosophies on whether multi-tracking will be better for you in the long run.

First, we run into this situation when a podcaster wants to record a podcaster with softwares and hardwares that perform the function of recording different audio inputs as isolated audio tracks. For example, the Zoom H6 field recorder will allow you to record yourself and your guest as separate audio tracks, pull them from an SD card , transfer those files over to your computer, then export them into your digital audio workstation (DAW). Then you would have to match up the audio in a multitrack system and edit from there.

You can also do the same exact thing with the Zoom video conferencing software or even Zencastr.

I don't know where the idea came from where podcasters said they have to absolutely record two...

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10 Secrets Pro Podcasters Use To Create Successful Podcasts

tutorials Jun 09, 2020

Nearly every day I get asked through my YouTube channel, “What is the best way to create a successful podcast?”

The answer to this question just isn't in one answer. Creating a successful podcast has many moving Parts. There just isn't one way to create a successful podcast.

Also, podcasters shouldn't compare their success to someone who has already become successful. Nearly every week I get a question from a podcaster that asks, "I want to be just like Joe Rogan. How can I create a podcast that is just like his?"

I'll be the first one to tell you that success comes in all shapes and sizes. You don't necessarily need to have the success of a Joe Rogan, but you can set the bar for yourself and determine how successful your podcast will be.

And just a reminder, Joe Rogan had to start from the bottom just like everyone else.  From my understanding, the one thing Joe Rogan had for himself was that he had a celebrity name. This helped catapult his podcast into the ears...

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[BLOG] Should I Write-Off 2020? How To Turn 2020 Into The Best Year Ever

inspiration motivation Jun 09, 2020

Take me back to the time when our only worries were raiding Area 51.   Who remembers the big event that was created by Matty Roberts?  

It seemed like all that was in the news was the fact that a million people responded to attend the event in Nevada that could potentially happen.  It kinda did, but it was far more low-key than what it was made out to be online.

But it didn't keep friends from reaching out to me and asking me whether or not I wanted to go. As much as it would have been an experience to go, life had felt like it was happening to me...

Humor me for a bit...


If I were to lay out all of the things that happened to me in 2019, I would skip this blog post and just publish a book.  So, let me just give you the highlights.

January - Supporting Friends During Their Time Of Loss

Helped a friend go through a traumatic experience of losing her son in a car accident. I spent a solid two weeks with her to help her cope with the...

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How Do You Create A Podcast In A Niche or Topic Area Where There Are No Other Examples?

podcaster advice Jun 03, 2020

In today’s blog post I want to answer a viewer question that came through my email recently.  The question was, “How do you start a podcast in a niche or topic area that doesn’t have very many examples?”

Inside the email, this viewer said that she has  been actively involved with poverty solutions and homelessness. It's a topic that she can really lose herself in, and that she would love to create a career around it--especially because she grew up in poverty. I

It's a topic that's obviously very passionate for her. 

This viewer says that she's finding it hard because she can't find any other podcasters or YouTubers that cover this area of expertise. The closest thing she has found is just one individual podcast that was featured on the Freakonomics podcast. The podcast wasn’t an entire show dedicated to the idea. Instead the idea was just one episode. 

She continues by saying that she wants to break the mold and it's a great...

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Productivity Tools For Podcasters:The Rocketbook Fusion

Today I want to explore productivity tools for podcasters--in particular the Rocketbook Fusion. Not all tools come in the form of tech and equipment. Sometimes they come in the form of different tools like notebooks that will help you with the podcast creation process. Maybe you are trying to figure out a set of questions that you want to ask your guest on your upcoming podcast or maybe you're writing out a script by hand to help with that creative process.

Today's blog post is really going to explore why the Rocketbook is something that you should have as a podcaster and how it can help you organize your thoughts and ideas without losing them altogether.

What is the Rocketbook Fusion?

I stumbled upon the Rocketbook back in December of 2019 when my sister gifted me a Rocketbook Everlast. When I opened up the packaging, I looked at it, flipped through the 30 pages that it had and I ungraciously asked my sister, "Why would you give me a notebook?"

She responded, "This just isn't any...

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Waiting Until For The Pandemic To End To Start A Podcast Will Be Your Biggest Regret

motivation May 26, 2020

Now that the world is operating at 50%, I continue to hear from podcasters who tell me, "When the pandemic is over I am going to start my podcast."

The first thing I think when I hear that statement is, "If you already know you want to start the podcast, what are you waiting for? Why don't you get started on it now?"


I've also heard from people who continue to watch my videos and get inspired to improve upon their skills so they can re-boot their podcast to come back stronger than ever.

Before I go any further, I want to share a quick story that will hopefully inspire you to work on the weaker areas of your podcasting...


If you didn't know, a few weeks ago I sprained my ankle walking down one of my favorite paths close to my house. I wish the story was juicier, but I was just walking down the path and rolled my ankle on the edge of the pavement into the dirt. Shan Man DOWN!

As I sat there, collected myself and waited for the...

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How Anyone Can Be Successful With Podcasting--Even Radio Broadcasters

podcasting tips Sep 22, 2019

 On September 4th, I was interviewed by RadioInk Magazine and contributed my thoughts on how radio broadcasters can become better podcasters. If you are interested in reading the article in full you can click here.

As I reviewed the article, I realized the advice that I was giving to radio broadcasters applies to just about anyone who has a podcast or is starting a podcast.  

The content below will have a little bit of inside baseball lingo, but it doesn't detract to the overall idea of creating a successful podcast.  In fact, radio broadcasters are content creators just like anyone else.  The only difference is that they have access to better equipment and more ability to create valuable content.  

Please take this into account when you're reading this Q & A and enjoy!

Radio Ink: If podcasting were a nine-inning game, where is radio in that game right now?

Shannon: First, I’m going to exclude public radio from this section...

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